Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Season Of The Harvest (Harvest Trilogy) Book 1 Written by: Michael R. Hicks

A Moment Readers, I read some horrific stories and some are true, but most thankfully are not. I'm grateful I have the ability to close the book and come back to reality even if sometimes I need to escape from this reality. Well, this time both my book and reality failed me. I love Boston and Watertown and my thoughts go out to the City, Town, and to everyone who was touched by this event. My thoughts and well wishes also go out to those all over the world who are suffering from horrific events and acts of nature. Now, that being said readers it is time to speak about a book that was just perfect for the past few weeks...this book was...a classic "Soil and Green is People?" Michael R. Hick writes a tale that is a in your face, I'm a book that demands your attention and for good measure...Paranoia Attack! The Foreword of this book just sets the tone perfectly, after all GMOs is exotic sounding doesn't it? What are GMOs you might ask? Well, they are Genetically modified organisms...and according to Hicks unless you eat Organic food we've all had GMOs in our mouths and eaten them. EEK! And of course these GMOs are safe and good for us, because ... well that's what we're told. That being said I eat carrots, apples, and grain everyday in my diet...and this book at times had me questioning what the hell I was eating...somehow Oreo s and artificial Turkey looked way more appealing...granted Oreo s are amazing! Okay, back on track, so, Jack is a stand up combat veteran and a shining member of the FBI, he's got a tough past and then there's the murder of one of his only close friends Sheldon a fellow agent and his murder is absolutely the stuff of nightmares and far too meticulous. Jack thinks he's investigating a murder at one of the biggest Genetic facilities but that's not all this investigation is turning up for whatever reason it seems Sheldon jumped ship and joined a group claiming to be protecting the worlds food source and will protect the natural seeds and humanity at any cost. Jack is then framed for a horrible event that puts him on the FBI's most wanted list and has to turn to who he thinks is Sheldon's killer a former Geneticist at the facility Sheldon was murdered at... a Naomi Perrault and she has a truth about what her group is doing that will turn Jacks life upside down a second and third time, and Jack realizes they may be humanities only hope from extinction. This book just pulled me into it and kept just moving forward and forcing me to keep reading even though it was so eerily plausible with what is going on in the world of science. A fair warning this conspiracy goes right to the top and  there are some very graphic moments that pertain to a lot of events today. This book once it had its hooks in you was just so demanding and had such a punch it was awesome and could easily become a classic Sci-FI tale that could terrify any generation. So an excellent read and I do believe I will have to read the 2nd and 3rd in the Trilogy stat!

Monday, April 15, 2013

A Secret Wish (Wish series #1) Written by: Barbara Freethy

A new week readers, and a beautiful day (at least where I am) So, if you are looking for a feel good book that makes you feel like you have your favorite dessert right in front of you well then A Secret Wish is so for you. I actually had to have a cupcake while reading this book because it was just so sweet and well talks a lot about cake so of course I needed cake! Any who, this book follows not one, not two, but three main characters three women who are years apart in age, society, life, and family, but! They all have one thing in common...okay two since they are women, but they all share the same birthday. Okay, three things in common they all live in San Francisco, ooh wait, wait four things in common! They each have something in their lives that is causing them to be unhappy and not satisfied with their lives. Generally in most cultures we tend to celebrate our births and if we don't those that care for us generally make sure we do. Elizabeth :Liz" Karen Kelly just turned 30 she's celebrating by herself on the roof of where she works and makes a decree that she is ready to take on the world and will no longer settle for mediocre and live! She's tired of going through life’s motions and playing it safe she's turning 30 and well she wants to change to branch out. (Nothing wrong with wanting to live we only get one life right? At least that we know of) Her wish is to.. well we'll skip that wish, but her night is turned upside down and she finds herself having to stick to her resolution because John a mysterious hunky fellow is also on the roof as Liz makes her wish and so he's just the fellow to help Liz begin her journey to a less constrained life. The story shifts and at first I thought perhaps the download of this book was messed up because now we Angela Payne 35 years old and she's just walked into her surprise party after she specifically told her husband she wanted a quiet night at home, her story is very depressing and all top real and sadly common. Her family is a big Italian family and her husband Colin is a wonderful and handsome husband, but Angela really didn't want a party she's tired and depressed and can no longer paint due to her sorrow. Her and Colin have been trying to conceive a baby for five plus years and have even tried IVF twice, readers, you really feel for this women as she is from a big family and her cousins and siblings all have children, and her mother had multiple children, so why not Angela? Her biological clock is ticking and now readers it seems her husband is ready to call it quits on trying and so Angela just needs to leave to go out and not plaster a fake smile on her face.. (something we've all had to do at some point right readers?) Needless to say Angela's journey is one that she may just end up flying solo and it seems that only a miracle can help her and her shattered dream of having a baby, but I'll let you see readers. Our last story is about Carole Prescott, she's just turned 40 and is surrounded by so many people and has a cake any child, teenager, or 20 something year old would absolutely love, but she's not a child, teenager, or 20 something, no she's 40 now, and the room is filled with her husband’s potential campaign donors and her children have left before she's even cut her cake. Carole is a woman who always knew what she wanted and that was money, clothing, a big house, a successful husband, and a grand life. (not something we all wouldn't mind either right readers?) Well, Carole is lonely, she's realizing she's left her past behind and now she has no one she really cares about at her party and to make matters worse readers she may have walked in on something going on between her husband and a fiery 25 year old....oh boy. Sometimes we shed our pasts in order to embrace our futures, but as a lot of people know and have learned through age, sometimes you cannot leave the past in the past, sometimes you need your roots to move forward to grow. Forgive all the guru speak readers, but I may be young but I make it a point to live, and I can tell you so are these three women. And the author Barbara Freethy takes these three stories and intermingles them in quite a clever way and creates a story that so many average and above average people could easily relate to. The stories though serious and with a sad undertone become so delightful and sweet. I enjoyed the stories flipping and moving from one women to the next and so a very sweet and if you make it to the end dare I say happy conclusion?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Clouded Rainbow Written by: Jonathan Sturak

Hello readers, well my, my, my, I can honestly say Clouded Rainbow was so not a book I would ever read again, or could recommend to anyone to read. The story has a very poetic beginning and we are introduced to Roger and Lois Belkin they are the perfect couple and have everything and are madly deeply in love, and oh if you didn't get it the first time, they're madly in love and one another's soul mates.. right, ok that's fine I love, absolutely love true love, and even regular, and mediocre love. This book though was so poorly written and did not flow at all. The plot of the book is Husband and wife are celebrating anniversary and being all gooey and lovely dovey ook, this was not written well, it reminded me of the Breakfast Club scene where Judd Nelson is making fun of Anthony Michael Hall's character with how "Swell" his character's life is, just horribly fake and not at all believable. So, they finish this wonderful dinner celebrating their marital bliss, that I can totally relate to and respect I've had a few of those dinners myself. Well, they're driving home and a horrible accident occurs Lois and Roger are separated during said accident and whisked away to two separate hospitals. Okay, I can even buy that happening the author gives a good enough reason for this occurring. Then from here it just gets worse...Roger awakens and escapes from the hospital, hello! Once you pull those little monitors off the nurses’ station is buzzed and they come a running, I know because I actually pulled a few IV's out as a child and accidentally when I was older trust me they do not like when you pull anything off or out of your body when you're in their care. Have you ever tried to escape a nurse on a mission? Yeah, not likely... so Roger also eludes the police, steals a car to get home, and continues to make mistake after mistake, and at no point does he think... "Gee something has happened to me I woke up in a hospital, maybe, just maaaaaybe I should ask for help and where is the love of my life!?" But, no reader, he does not he just goes off in clothes that don't fit with severe trauma and is hell bent on finding his soul mate... Then throw in Detective Cleveland, I think his name is Detective Cleveland, or wait was it... no it is Detective Cleveland I don't know why the author thought it would make the story better to always and I mean ALWAYS use the Detective's name for every sentence and thought he makes but there you have it, I kept thinking in my head "Detective Butters is on the case!" Because readers that's exactly how Butters from South Park talks when he's playing Detective Butters. Plus, not only is Detective Cleveland on the case, but the entire cities Police force is now after Roger as he has been pegged as primary One bad guy... why!? He hasn't committed murder, armed robbery, rape, kidnapping, puppy kicking, nothing so extreme to consider him dangerous and deadly! The plot just becomes so unbelievable I thought to myself... a Zombie Apocalypse definitely sounds more plausible at the moment... so readers there is one time in this book where the book is well written and it is at the end, I think the author must've dreamed up this ending and knew this was where he had to get to, and just didn't think it through the ending will also make you hate your life a little readers, but I could never bring myself to get there again as this just was not my cup of tea. Amazon readers give it a Five Star, I would give it a one just to be nice, but overall not my cup of tea, not at all. Forgive me for my crude review, but this was just such a letdown.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Hole. Written by: Aaron Ross Powell

Hello once more fellow book readers, well I took a chance and read yet again another apocalyptic book. Imagine if you will those classic horror movies where you know something is going to happen, you know something has happened, there is a build up and then! That's it? Classic B horror movies here people, but for a more modern take let's use the Inn Keepers there's all this cryptic mumbo jumbo in the movie and all this build up and then it just well... ends and we've been led to believe something was going to happen, but nothing happens. This book reminded me of a video game even where you're only allowed to follow one path and stumble upon certain clues which you know you just know is going to happen you don't even need a strategy guide because your clues are in big friggen question mark boxes! But, you can only move forward. The idea of this book appealed to me more than the actual book, the flesh and bones of this book were so emaciated and lacked polish and drama. Sure stuff happened, and it felt like these two main characters were following the yellow brick road from hell, but I couldn't like or even be bothered to care about these two people. There was a dog and that's the character throughout the book I kept holding my breath hoping that the little pup would be okay. Elliott and Evajean are the two main characters and they're as far as they know the only survivors in the world after a massive plague kills so many and drives others mad and then kills them. Evajean is given a cryptic message from her husband to go to Salty lake city if anything bad should happen, and so they do. This duo is so unequipped to handle traveling and the "fight for your life scenes" are lacking any excitement it's just...okay that happened moving on... I will admit I had no idea what was going in in the beginning and then as the tale progressed my eyes began to open and then I could really appreciate what the author Aaron Ross Powell was trying to do, perhaps he was trying to be like The Mist by Stephen King, or any H.P Lovecraft tale, but where those two authors bring a spine chilling black soul crunching atmosphere Powell managed to puzzle me and at times bore me. I will say this, it was a very original idea but just needed more flesh on the bones of this tale to make it actually scary and more interesting.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I2: Written by: James Bannon

Wow, absolutely, just :Mind blown: Readers imagine just close your eyes for a moment and think about your life, about who you are, about what made you who you are, and really think are you the sum of your experiences, thoughts, dreams, and even DNA? Now, imagine... keep your eyes closed... imagine you're about to have that life ended, you cannot stop if you know you're time is near, but what if it didn't have to be? James Bannon has written a book that yes the story has been told before, but I don't believe it has ever been told quite this way. Where past stories I've read and watched concerning this topic have been sheer comedy or dark this book was just so profound and soul searching. It is a book that creates conflict with want and reason with who we are. The writing pulls you in and keeps you hooked and then at times will sucker punch you to a dizzying state before grabbing you and sucking you back in once more. Now, we have Dr. Edward Frame a brilliant 40 year old graduate from Caltech with dual degrees in organic biology and cybernetics. In his world "Today, gene therapy is a way of life. We can inject a set of DNA into a foreign cell and give it whatever properties we want. There is nothing to stop us from doing the same with information or even memories for that matter." A scary concept no? And, yet, not entirely sci-fi fantasy either as recently scientists have written the entire collection of William Shakespeare onto a strand of DNA, rather than store information on paper, CDs, and in the cloud, now we can look to DNA storage and store untold amounts of data without having to take up the space. It really is crazy, but makes this book perhaps possible, and then just yesterday my President of America announced his plan to have scientists understand how the human brain works. Crazy times, but then again when humans are involved it is always crazy, but I'm going off topic, as I merely wanted to point out how this story of Dr. Edward Frame just might not be so crazy to imagine. There are so many thought provoking statements and moments in this book I just kept thinking and questioning while the whole time following the story. After all, what will our species create when we know everything there is to know about us? Will we simply in the end create ourselves? Very heavy thoughts indeed readers. Now, I may be coming off a tad romantic about this book, but in truth the book was dark, disturbing, and quite perverse too. I began to wonder in this book do we try to keep children away from the horrors of the real world in order to protect them, or in order to protect ourselves? After all, children absorb so much, but perhaps they shouldn't absorb somethings too soon as it might just screw everything up for them and for those surrounding then? Again, a crazy amount of questions. Now, open your eyes and realize, you're not dead in fact, you are alive, and you have been born again, literally born again. Something however has gone terribly wrong and now you are in a life where your most hated advisory is raising you, the love of your life is gone, and you're helpless as you are a baby once more with just enough of the old you to realize something is wrong. Dr. Edward Frame is such a man and in such a predicament and his life past, present, and future are something truly horrendous and awe inspiring... oh and then the author will give you the Hail Mary end all move at the end making you feel like you just took five shots of tequila and chased it with another shot. Truly a powerful read my fellow readers.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Lady Submits. Written by: Chloe Cox

April, here we are again a time that is fastly approaching spring. Though Mardi Gras and spring break is over, it doesn't mean we cannot have any fun right? In the Lady Submits it is Bacchanal time, a week long celebration in the city of J'Amel in which everyone is allowed to give into every desire they ever have had during the year, and Lady Lucrezia Grimaldi is no exception. The lady Lucrezia is frustrated, she's almost out of time and has yet to reach climax and to make matters worse her brother is insisting she is escorted by a brute of a man to a less than pleasing event. Carlo Castellan he is low born, a warrior, and completely improper as far as Lady Lucrezia is concerned he is no match for her, and yet she feels a pulse when they have a brief encounter. The lady however has her own ideas and will go down a path that may just make her a high born Lady submit to every carnal desire not of her own will but of that of a potential master. This book is a BDSM novel completely, and yet though it is so erotic and graphic has a trace of love to it. My my this book does heat things up a bit, but again it is a BDSM novel so very little in the way of vanilla sex, but if you're looking for something quite graphic and the roles of master and follower then this is a great erotic tale for you.