Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I2: Written by: James Bannon

Wow, absolutely, just :Mind blown: Readers imagine just close your eyes for a moment and think about your life, about who you are, about what made you who you are, and really think are you the sum of your experiences, thoughts, dreams, and even DNA? Now, imagine... keep your eyes closed... imagine you're about to have that life ended, you cannot stop if you know you're time is near, but what if it didn't have to be? James Bannon has written a book that yes the story has been told before, but I don't believe it has ever been told quite this way. Where past stories I've read and watched concerning this topic have been sheer comedy or dark this book was just so profound and soul searching. It is a book that creates conflict with want and reason with who we are. The writing pulls you in and keeps you hooked and then at times will sucker punch you to a dizzying state before grabbing you and sucking you back in once more. Now, we have Dr. Edward Frame a brilliant 40 year old graduate from Caltech with dual degrees in organic biology and cybernetics. In his world "Today, gene therapy is a way of life. We can inject a set of DNA into a foreign cell and give it whatever properties we want. There is nothing to stop us from doing the same with information or even memories for that matter." A scary concept no? And, yet, not entirely sci-fi fantasy either as recently scientists have written the entire collection of William Shakespeare onto a strand of DNA, rather than store information on paper, CDs, and in the cloud, now we can look to DNA storage and store untold amounts of data without having to take up the space. It really is crazy, but makes this book perhaps possible, and then just yesterday my President of America announced his plan to have scientists understand how the human brain works. Crazy times, but then again when humans are involved it is always crazy, but I'm going off topic, as I merely wanted to point out how this story of Dr. Edward Frame just might not be so crazy to imagine. There are so many thought provoking statements and moments in this book I just kept thinking and questioning while the whole time following the story. After all, what will our species create when we know everything there is to know about us? Will we simply in the end create ourselves? Very heavy thoughts indeed readers. Now, I may be coming off a tad romantic about this book, but in truth the book was dark, disturbing, and quite perverse too. I began to wonder in this book do we try to keep children away from the horrors of the real world in order to protect them, or in order to protect ourselves? After all, children absorb so much, but perhaps they shouldn't absorb somethings too soon as it might just screw everything up for them and for those surrounding then? Again, a crazy amount of questions. Now, open your eyes and realize, you're not dead in fact, you are alive, and you have been born again, literally born again. Something however has gone terribly wrong and now you are in a life where your most hated advisory is raising you, the love of your life is gone, and you're helpless as you are a baby once more with just enough of the old you to realize something is wrong. Dr. Edward Frame is such a man and in such a predicament and his life past, present, and future are something truly horrendous and awe inspiring... oh and then the author will give you the Hail Mary end all move at the end making you feel like you just took five shots of tequila and chased it with another shot. Truly a powerful read my fellow readers.

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