Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Season Of The Harvest (Harvest Trilogy) Book 1 Written by: Michael R. Hicks

A Moment Readers, I read some horrific stories and some are true, but most thankfully are not. I'm grateful I have the ability to close the book and come back to reality even if sometimes I need to escape from this reality. Well, this time both my book and reality failed me. I love Boston and Watertown and my thoughts go out to the City, Town, and to everyone who was touched by this event. My thoughts and well wishes also go out to those all over the world who are suffering from horrific events and acts of nature. Now, that being said readers it is time to speak about a book that was just perfect for the past few weeks...this book was...a classic "Soil and Green is People?" Michael R. Hick writes a tale that is a in your face, I'm a book that demands your attention and for good measure...Paranoia Attack! The Foreword of this book just sets the tone perfectly, after all GMOs is exotic sounding doesn't it? What are GMOs you might ask? Well, they are Genetically modified organisms...and according to Hicks unless you eat Organic food we've all had GMOs in our mouths and eaten them. EEK! And of course these GMOs are safe and good for us, because ... well that's what we're told. That being said I eat carrots, apples, and grain everyday in my diet...and this book at times had me questioning what the hell I was eating...somehow Oreo s and artificial Turkey looked way more appealing...granted Oreo s are amazing! Okay, back on track, so, Jack is a stand up combat veteran and a shining member of the FBI, he's got a tough past and then there's the murder of one of his only close friends Sheldon a fellow agent and his murder is absolutely the stuff of nightmares and far too meticulous. Jack thinks he's investigating a murder at one of the biggest Genetic facilities but that's not all this investigation is turning up for whatever reason it seems Sheldon jumped ship and joined a group claiming to be protecting the worlds food source and will protect the natural seeds and humanity at any cost. Jack is then framed for a horrible event that puts him on the FBI's most wanted list and has to turn to who he thinks is Sheldon's killer a former Geneticist at the facility Sheldon was murdered at... a Naomi Perrault and she has a truth about what her group is doing that will turn Jacks life upside down a second and third time, and Jack realizes they may be humanities only hope from extinction. This book just pulled me into it and kept just moving forward and forcing me to keep reading even though it was so eerily plausible with what is going on in the world of science. A fair warning this conspiracy goes right to the top and  there are some very graphic moments that pertain to a lot of events today. This book once it had its hooks in you was just so demanding and had such a punch it was awesome and could easily become a classic Sci-FI tale that could terrify any generation. So an excellent read and I do believe I will have to read the 2nd and 3rd in the Trilogy stat!

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