Thursday, April 11, 2013

Clouded Rainbow Written by: Jonathan Sturak

Hello readers, well my, my, my, I can honestly say Clouded Rainbow was so not a book I would ever read again, or could recommend to anyone to read. The story has a very poetic beginning and we are introduced to Roger and Lois Belkin they are the perfect couple and have everything and are madly deeply in love, and oh if you didn't get it the first time, they're madly in love and one another's soul mates.. right, ok that's fine I love, absolutely love true love, and even regular, and mediocre love. This book though was so poorly written and did not flow at all. The plot of the book is Husband and wife are celebrating anniversary and being all gooey and lovely dovey ook, this was not written well, it reminded me of the Breakfast Club scene where Judd Nelson is making fun of Anthony Michael Hall's character with how "Swell" his character's life is, just horribly fake and not at all believable. So, they finish this wonderful dinner celebrating their marital bliss, that I can totally relate to and respect I've had a few of those dinners myself. Well, they're driving home and a horrible accident occurs Lois and Roger are separated during said accident and whisked away to two separate hospitals. Okay, I can even buy that happening the author gives a good enough reason for this occurring. Then from here it just gets worse...Roger awakens and escapes from the hospital, hello! Once you pull those little monitors off the nurses’ station is buzzed and they come a running, I know because I actually pulled a few IV's out as a child and accidentally when I was older trust me they do not like when you pull anything off or out of your body when you're in their care. Have you ever tried to escape a nurse on a mission? Yeah, not likely... so Roger also eludes the police, steals a car to get home, and continues to make mistake after mistake, and at no point does he think... "Gee something has happened to me I woke up in a hospital, maybe, just maaaaaybe I should ask for help and where is the love of my life!?" But, no reader, he does not he just goes off in clothes that don't fit with severe trauma and is hell bent on finding his soul mate... Then throw in Detective Cleveland, I think his name is Detective Cleveland, or wait was it... no it is Detective Cleveland I don't know why the author thought it would make the story better to always and I mean ALWAYS use the Detective's name for every sentence and thought he makes but there you have it, I kept thinking in my head "Detective Butters is on the case!" Because readers that's exactly how Butters from South Park talks when he's playing Detective Butters. Plus, not only is Detective Cleveland on the case, but the entire cities Police force is now after Roger as he has been pegged as primary One bad guy... why!? He hasn't committed murder, armed robbery, rape, kidnapping, puppy kicking, nothing so extreme to consider him dangerous and deadly! The plot just becomes so unbelievable I thought to myself... a Zombie Apocalypse definitely sounds more plausible at the moment... so readers there is one time in this book where the book is well written and it is at the end, I think the author must've dreamed up this ending and knew this was where he had to get to, and just didn't think it through the ending will also make you hate your life a little readers, but I could never bring myself to get there again as this just was not my cup of tea. Amazon readers give it a Five Star, I would give it a one just to be nice, but overall not my cup of tea, not at all. Forgive me for my crude review, but this was just such a letdown.

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