Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Lady Submits. Written by: Chloe Cox

April, here we are again a time that is fastly approaching spring. Though Mardi Gras and spring break is over, it doesn't mean we cannot have any fun right? In the Lady Submits it is Bacchanal time, a week long celebration in the city of J'Amel in which everyone is allowed to give into every desire they ever have had during the year, and Lady Lucrezia Grimaldi is no exception. The lady Lucrezia is frustrated, she's almost out of time and has yet to reach climax and to make matters worse her brother is insisting she is escorted by a brute of a man to a less than pleasing event. Carlo Castellan he is low born, a warrior, and completely improper as far as Lady Lucrezia is concerned he is no match for her, and yet she feels a pulse when they have a brief encounter. The lady however has her own ideas and will go down a path that may just make her a high born Lady submit to every carnal desire not of her own will but of that of a potential master. This book is a BDSM novel completely, and yet though it is so erotic and graphic has a trace of love to it. My my this book does heat things up a bit, but again it is a BDSM novel so very little in the way of vanilla sex, but if you're looking for something quite graphic and the roles of master and follower then this is a great erotic tale for you.

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