Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Hole. Written by: Aaron Ross Powell

Hello once more fellow book readers, well I took a chance and read yet again another apocalyptic book. Imagine if you will those classic horror movies where you know something is going to happen, you know something has happened, there is a build up and then! That's it? Classic B horror movies here people, but for a more modern take let's use the Inn Keepers there's all this cryptic mumbo jumbo in the movie and all this build up and then it just well... ends and we've been led to believe something was going to happen, but nothing happens. This book reminded me of a video game even where you're only allowed to follow one path and stumble upon certain clues which you know you just know is going to happen you don't even need a strategy guide because your clues are in big friggen question mark boxes! But, you can only move forward. The idea of this book appealed to me more than the actual book, the flesh and bones of this book were so emaciated and lacked polish and drama. Sure stuff happened, and it felt like these two main characters were following the yellow brick road from hell, but I couldn't like or even be bothered to care about these two people. There was a dog and that's the character throughout the book I kept holding my breath hoping that the little pup would be okay. Elliott and Evajean are the two main characters and they're as far as they know the only survivors in the world after a massive plague kills so many and drives others mad and then kills them. Evajean is given a cryptic message from her husband to go to Salty lake city if anything bad should happen, and so they do. This duo is so unequipped to handle traveling and the "fight for your life scenes" are lacking any excitement it's just...okay that happened moving on... I will admit I had no idea what was going in in the beginning and then as the tale progressed my eyes began to open and then I could really appreciate what the author Aaron Ross Powell was trying to do, perhaps he was trying to be like The Mist by Stephen King, or any H.P Lovecraft tale, but where those two authors bring a spine chilling black soul crunching atmosphere Powell managed to puzzle me and at times bore me. I will say this, it was a very original idea but just needed more flesh on the bones of this tale to make it actually scary and more interesting.

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