Monday, May 5, 2014

Storm of Swords A Song of Ice and Fire book 3 Written by: George R.R. Martin

Ah! Readers! I just, I just can't, words, fail, me! Betrayal, alliances, friendships, magic, love, lust, murder, games, weddings, and curses.... just wow! George R.R. Martin in book three of his series really knows how to keep causing we the readers mild heart attacks and bits of shock. And, readers, this cast just keeps growing even as those that we love and loathe alike pass on, there's always more characters waiting to swell the ranks of the Kingdom of Westeros. The great, major, minor, and small houses are all fighting amongst themselves and still trying to seat their chosen king, and become as rich and powerful as they can along the way. This book begins exactly where Clash of Kings left off. The kingdom of Westeros is still in the grip of the battle of the Five Kings, but it seems this is quickly becoming a tad smaller war... in the ways of kings at least, or is it? This is definitely a cut off one head, and just mayhaps two others will grow in its place. The loss of heads, honor, hands, eyes, innocence, and kingdoms are just a few continuing themes in this book, and if you think you know who is safe from Martin's pen strikes, think again! The best way to break up this book without giving away anything and to not write a book myself would be to break it up into several parts.  To start we see what is happening in Kings Landing and all of those Golden lions and beautiful flowers, and those that travel amongst them these are also most of the South lands. Then you have the North where war wages and the Starks continue to swell and keep their words, or do they? A Stark it seems readers, must keep their word, hubris cannot be tolerated perhaps this is a gift or curse from the Old Gods? Then we have those who are Iron blooded, who do not believe in working the lands, but taking what they would have, and what they want..well you shall see readers. The Trident and other river lands are no longer safe it is easy for a boy or young girl to be snatched up, for people to be placed into service no matter who they are, and their lives no longer are their own. Then we travel North again, and find ourselves at that Vast Wall which no man would've made by themselves. This wall readers sees quite a bit of action and it seems that even the Night's watch don't remember everything about its secrets and as events unfold it seems the Night's watch also knows quite a bit of secrets that the men of Westeros have forgotten and it is time to dredge up old knowledge and lure as another battle is coming, one where just by dying you give up your vows to those you pledged yourself to. Weather, you mean to or not, there are things beyond the wall that will cause you to turn cloak... even if you lived to not. There are smaller quests here at and beyond the wall and more is learned about the world beyond the wall and what is coming for the men South of it. Lastly, we have lands quite removed from the Seven Kingdoms, we have the East. Slaves readers, their stories are not for those who are gentle of heart their lives are hard and their stories run deep with blood saturated over generations, and what will happen when someone decides it is time to change all that? There are Dragons readers and there are even more prophecies to add to those in the North and South, it's definitely connecting and connected. The vocal talents are once again tip top as Roy Dotrice gives a stunning performance, his vocal talents had me at times weeping and turning my hands into fists ready to fight as I clenched my jaw fighting the urge to scream my frustration. Dotrice gives each stories narrator their own voice and does such a good job of keeping them as their own person plus add Martin's other characters and it is truly unbelievable that this narrator can keep so many voices and personalities so distinct. I wish I could share my theories and what I've learned reading these books so far, especially since I am now caught up and passed a bit of the HBO show, it really is quite amazing these books. What is Marting getting at? It seems that the Iron throne needs a master and who will that be exactly in the end? It appears readers these people playing the Game of Thrones need to wake up, the world is awakening its own natural defenses it once used long ago and it  seems readers this world is preparing to fight and its inhabitants should do the same, because readers.. "Winter is coming." I cannot wait to read book 4 and I know I'll be looking up characters left and right, but I don't care, I am completely hooked.

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