Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fools Gold A cottonmouth Novel Book 2 WRitten by: Jennifer Skully

Hello there readers, well it seems like this book took me forever to read, in fact I read War and Peace in less time than I read this book. It is sad because I loved the first book in this series titled she's got to be mine. But, where the first book in this series was bizzare, delightful, and wholly fun, this one had a lot of the other books ingrediants, but somehow they didn't mix as well as the previous book. This book, well it felt very, forced, and just didn't develop naturally. We met Sheriff Tyler Braxton in the previous novel and now he's back and in a new town called Goldstone in Nevada, and this is by no means a vacation getaway, but that's what Brax needs, a place to get away. After what happened in the first book, Brax is feeling out of sorts and not fully trusting himself or his sense of judgment, and this his sister voices her concerns and need for help, and so Brax decides instead of relaxing he must now officer advice to his sister, him, a divorcee who failed miserably with a certain red head. Plus, it seems ol' Brax has to start his own investigation on his sister's behalf and see if his brother-in-law is having an affair with the local erotic author or perhaps one of the "chickens?" (Don't worry, not the animal "cluck, cluck" chickens) But, back to this local erotic author... Simone Chandler has found her home her haven in Goldstone. Simone loves this foresaken town and its lovable but kinda odd residents. Her internet business writing made to order erotic fantasies is quite lucrative and some of her best clients are in Goldstone and her friends. Now, a problem, the hunky sheriff from out of town, he's leaving soon and it seems Simone finds herself drawn to Brax, and Brax it seems is drawn to her. However, Brax is torn between being drawn to the beautiful Simone because he wants her in a passionate way a lover wants, and he's torn wondering if Simone is not only writing stories for his brother-in-law, but actin gthem out with him too. The romance is okay I guess, it's fairly normal, at least in a semi erotic story involving a soon to be murder, but it is also a bit silly and almost text book playground at times. Then of course, if a possible cheating husband, and possible future lover cheating with said husband wasn't dramatic enough... MURDER! Yup, murder comes to the quiet town of Goldstone, and Brax is suddenly hip deep in small town secrets with sexy Simone Chandler at the top of his suspect list. So, what's Brax to do? Follow his hormones and feelings for Simone, or... follow what he's been taught as an upholder of the law? There are some interesting characters and scenes in this story that's for sure, but it's all kinda just head spin inducing. Again, readers, I loved the first book, heck I foresake sleep one night just to finish the tale, but this was kind of well flat as I said, not a bad book exactly, but not really an engaging read either. An okay read to pick up when you had nothing exactly better to do and wanted some amusement.

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