Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Game of Thrones: A Song of Ice and Fire Written by: George R.R. Martin

Hola readers, well, finally! I've been dreading actually the Game of Thrones series, because I knew once I began this journey there was no going back, and I would be forced to continue until the very end. I admit I started with the show first, but my friends got me hooked, and a few others whom I consider great friends convinced me I needed to read the series to really appreciate the show, and well... they were RIGHT! I will try to not have the show taint my review, but even though this book was narrated by one sole narrator and a rather talented one at that. Roy Dotrice was the man who helped bring this book to life for me, alas reading books as of late has become more difficult and these audio books are allowing me to keep the written word in my life. Dotrice had a gruff voice when it was needed, an Aristocratic air, and a haughty tenor when the character and scene called for it. This voice actor was quite impressive and had me wondering if he were an old man or a young man able to play the young man? Though, even though I was hearing Dotrice I could also hear and see the shows actors and hear their voices and they blended perfectly. George R.R. Martin has created quite the world that seems to be plucked from one of man's possible pasts or even their futures, and yet it is wholly separate and Alien. This world is one ruled by Kings, Knights, Lords, Ladies, and each having their own holdings, keeps, castles, and lands that each protects fiercely. Then we have the High One True King a usurper in fact, but don't let him or those who follow him hear you say that, because better a Usurper than a Mad king of old eh? There is a lot going on in this book with there being a huge cast of characters spanning entire continents and it seems we are only going to focus on several Noble Houses whom shall lie, cheat, and create a civil war as they battle for the Iron seat of power. And, let me restate this, there are A LOT of Characters, I mean my gosh! I had to reference the web a few times to remember who was who at times. Meanwhile there is an exiled Prince and Princess whom are trying to find their places back into power one is quite mad the other barely a person having been so poorly used by the other. Add a dash of supernatural with ancient blood magic, Dragon ancestors, premonitions, and a foe so evil it once banded the world together to fight and is lurking it seems once more and being stealthy in its growth. It could be said that this threat is awakening the "magic" of old that has not been witnessed in generations and is taken for tales only now, were it not for the Dragon Skulls, a Wall so high it is said to be the End of the World, and the ever diligent Nights Watch, standing guard of the people of this Realm might just consider their past one of made up stories and legends. This tale is one for both the young, middle aged, and old each will have their moment and each will have their lessons and time to grow. This is not a happy tale readers, there are a lot of mature topics and a lot of terrible and horrific things occur and no one is safe. Rape, murder, incest, betrayal, are just a few of the topics and instances that occur in this book, there's a lot more where that came from, and Martin makes them so woven into his story you begin to realize this is the World and where it is not exactly acceptable in this Seven Kingdom Realm it isn't exactly not unacceptable... depends really. There are houses that are clearly more noble than others, and if you love a character remember to steel your heart, because no one is safe in this Game of Thrones. This is a game for keeps, and enemies should be swiftly dealt with, and a weathered eye kept on possible enemies. I am being vague intentionally simply because readers Martin really does knit together quite a complex and vivid story that he clearly has a plan and knows where he intends to end up. Though, I cannot say exactly where that end may occur. I have a few favorites in these books readers and I know what will happen at least until the most current episode of Game of Thrones, but that did by no means keep me from being completely engrossed and even at times surprised by this book and there are quite a few details left out of the show that make the book even more precious and worth the read. A marvelous tale and one that can capture any aged or gendered reader at anytime and keep their attention.

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