Friday, April 4, 2014

Nature Girl Written by: Carl Hiassen

Allo, fellow book readers. I think I am now like one of those people who shamelessly buy the grocery store or newsstand tabloids, you know they're trash and full of complete nonsense, but you just cannot stop yourself from reading the highly dramatic mess that seems to hang around certain celebrities and at times political figures, what am I getting at? Well, I just could not help myself from picking up another Carl Hiassen book, and guess what? We're in Florida again! I just cannot help myself! Maybe it's because I have a bit of island fever at the moment and wish I were somewhere tropical and when I listen to a Hiassen book it makes me think... maybe I'm better off here in New England. This is Hiassen's 11th novel and is a bit more modern compared to his previous books which makes sense since those book were significantly older and things have changed slightly. But, it seems Florida just continues to attract and create its own special variety of loon. This book had quite the diverse cast of screwballs. The female lead Honey Santana is clearly not right in the head, but she means well and is looking to educate the world about the pollution issues and their own toxic emotional issues; Boyd Shreave, a telemarketer who is just a slime ball, just an utter slime ball, Boyd's mistress and co-worker Eugenie Fonda; quite the looker and previously famous mistress (famous as she had a book published about the affair that had a man kill to be with her.), Sammy Tigertail, a half Seminole, who gives us our first dead body of the novel has quite a bit of baggage, and now that baggage includes having a white man die on him of a heart attack and having to get rid of that body. Honey, she brings this cast together she's our lynch pin. Honey cooks up quite the plan in order to punish Boyd for nasty comments he made during his phone solicitation to her. Her plan ends up involving her 12 year old son Fry, and her ex-husband in a dark comic tale that though I did not find as educational or compelling as previous novels manages to make you shake your head laugh at inappropriate moments and just make you want to know just how will this conclude? This book was narrated by Lee Adams, I've had the pleasure of listening to book done by Adams before and I just love her voice, she's just so wonderful at doing archetype voices and for whatever reason I love her male voices they just make me happy. I loathe her valley girl voice though, it is amusing, but so spot on it makes me grit my teeth whenever I hear it, but considering the character Hiassen created Adam's valley girl voice is oh so perfect for this role. I did laugh quite a few times, this book was just so out there nuts, but the characters were oh so real and that made me just feel icky like when you have too much sugar and you have that film on your teeth and only a good brushing will fix that odd and slightly unpleasant feeling, but you'll go back and have sugar again.

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