Friday, May 9, 2014

A Feast for Crows A Song of Ice and Fire Book 4 Written by: George R.R. Martin

That's how it ends!?! Right, that's exactly how I am feeling right now readers, I mean, that's not any way to end a book, but still... at least there was promise of a next one... Granted I thankfully won't have to wait like other readers had to in the past, but still, wow would I have been angry. Not because the book wasn't any good readers, on the contrary I thought A Feast for Crows was quite excellent. The book once again picks up rather interestingly as we are introduced to entirely new Points of view from characters and introduced to some new and old characters. The War of the Five Kings is it seems finally coming to an end. The Nights Watch needs aid and mayhaps a new learder, perhaps someone we've all come to love regardless of his follies? Stannis Baratheon has decided he must go to the Wall, and him and his Fire Priestess hunger for the blood of Kings... There are white walkers, and still these two are looking for the rule of man spouting prophecies that it is clear Stannis might just not believe himself. Sam, oh I have grown to care for you and yet his journey is really just beginning and even he is clearly more important than previously thought. Then we go to King's Landing where there is King Tommen Baratheon causing all kinds of trouble even though this poor boy king desire nothing more than to play with his little kittens. Tommen is watched by his mother the Queen Regent Cersei Lannister, and this Queen is a Lion who is determined to rule. Her Father Tywin is gone and so is her brother Tyrion, and with her son Joffrey gone the Seven Kingdoms needs a ruler. She is again readers a Lion and as such she was meant to rule....or was she? Her brother Jaime has changed, the King Slayer she finds is weak, one handed, and should have been the maid in her eyes. Jaime though find old oaths coming back to haunt him. To try and make amends the King Slayer is trying to honor his vow to Catelyn Stark by making sure her daughters are safe and so he entrusts Lady Brienne, the Maid of Tarth to find Sansa Stark. Brienne too wishes to honor her oaths made to lady Cately, but giving an Oath is so much easier than keeping it, especially when certain events transpire that will test the Lady Knight like she has never been before. Sansa, well there is no Sansa now, she is now Petyr Baelish's natural daughter, and she has witnessed quite a bit herself and so she must hide in the Vale and keep her future husband safe. It's a huge mess readers, just so much criss crossing with families, houses, characters, and whole continents becoming entangled in multiple plots and schemes. The Iron Blood have finally become a big part of this tale, and readers, I'm scared! I really hope their schemes don't come to bear fruit because well.... I don't! WAAAH! (Forgive the drama, but c'mon!) I love sailors and the Sea, but these plunderers and thief's just don't leave me with a good feeling at all. Then there is Arya Stark, or is it Harry, or mayhaps Nimeira, or whatever name she is being called by at the moment. Arya readers, is one of my favorite characters, she adapts, she deals, and she never gives up. This kid has guts, and now she it seems finally has a path, but... well is the Kindly man really all that kind? All men must die, even little girls. Further along in the east we are introduced to more of the residents and royalty of Dorne. Doran Martell must face off with his own kin who take him for weak seeing as he hasn't sought justice for the death of his brother Oberyn. War, that is what the Martell kin are calling for and these women are fierce and cunning. Or are they? Again readers, layers upon layers... Winter is coming and snowflakes it seems are only a matter of time with all of this waring and all of these cast of characters all fighting over an Iron throne no one it seems except the Knights Watch are really paying much attention to the threat of the White Walkers and Winter. Mayhaps even the Gods and their servants will be of no use when the time comes. The world it seems has a grave future ahead, but... then again... this is only half of the Story. I was quite happy with this book readers, at times it was very long winded and very wordy and holy hell must families have so many legal and natural children and then multiple marriages... my stars! How on earth can the author even keep up with his characters! The narrator for this book did change readers, I was quite heart broken in the beginning because I really enjoyed the previous narrator. Then I listened and well, I wasn't disappointed John Lee the new Narrator did quite a good job I think, somehow he just entered his new role and it worked. Lee didn't attempt to mimic the previous narrators voices, but make them his own and I think he did a rather good job of it, where the other narrator had a very character actors voice one that was quite theatrical Lee had a more subtle and naturally spoken voice. I'm absolutely floored with the writing of Martin, I love this series, and find myself unable to stop listening, I must know! Even though, readers, I have one more book and then I will have to wait to see what happens... just like everyone else. So there you have it a Feast of Crows a fitting title to be sure, so what are your thoughts? Anyone?

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