Sunday, June 1, 2014

The Undead Pool (The Hollows Book 12) Written by: Kim Harrison

Oh my Stars! I mean it readers, Oh my stars! I am absolutely, positively, completely, well... Giddy! This most recent Rachel Morgan book was just... well... Zazzy! So, of course something is up in the city of Cincinnati and this time a strange magical occurrence could mean civil war for the Hollows, the state, perhaps the entire United States if Rachel can't counter this bizarre and frightening magical mishaps. Witchy day walking Demon Rachel has faced quite a few challenges in her short life and if you've read the series you know they only escalate for her as time goes on. This character in the beginning had some major trust issues readers and a lust for excitement that was downright suicidal, but as a well written character will develop she's matured and what was once a guaranteed death warrant Rachel has managed to grow into an asset. Now though Rachel is going to have to grow up a bit more and learn to trust all the allies she has made as now strange magic is attacking Cincinnati and the Hollows, causing spells to backfire or go horribly wrong, and the truce between the races thought to be solidified between Inderlander and human is shattering quite fast. And, if that wasn't bad enough another incident is occurring simultaneously as the undead vampire masters who keep the rest of the undead under control are falling asleep and not waking up, Rachel is trying to figure out why and fast as if these masters don't wake up and perish the living vampires might just lose control and cause an all out supernatural war. Rachel does not really have any idea what is going on readers, but these odd occurrences are tinged with something, something wild, something... elven? It seems Rachel might need to help ensure the peace by turning to this ancient wild elven magic which carries its own costs and Rachel has learned time and time again no good deed ever goes unpunished or unnoticed. The gang readers is all here or at least mentioned and as I've said before in other series as long as this by book 12 well times they are a changing. People who were once aquiences have become family, enemies have become allies, and those who were once passing figures have made a place for themselves in Rachel's life, and those thought to always be there are memories or shadows. Harrison is holding nothing back in this most recent book and with the series coming to an end she has quite a bit to wrap up and is exploring all the races and their abilities it seems. Rachel, Jenks, and Ivy it's always been these three, but this group is expanding and evolving and if you think about it in such a short time! This recent tale really brings some laughable moments and even happy moments. But, this book also dredges up old and new prejudices and arguments that reverbrate from the pages of fictions to the realm of reality. I very much enjoyed this book and wonder where Harrison will exactly take the upcoming last book because there was just so much tied up and accomplished in this most recent book sure there was a lot of destruction, death, and loss, but somehow that was acceptable. The writing was quite fluid and Harrison kept the book moving along with no yawn or get on with it already moments as she has been known to have in quite a few previous books. The build up and anticipation readers, well, it felt right. Harrison has left some questions for us and revealed enough to create a few new ones, but I like where she is going and before her series becomes stale I am happy she has decided to begin ending this particular tale and maybe just maybe give Rachel and her friends a chance at happiness? If I had to put a song to this recent book Escala's rendition of Requiem for A Tower that totaly fits this most recent book as it just builds and twists and builds again before BAM! The End.

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