Saturday, June 14, 2014

Skin Game Harry Dresden Files book #15 Written by: Jim Butcher

Do you ever just feel like a pawn in some much bigger game readers? Have you yourself ever plotted or created a scheme and watched others do exactly what you imagined? No? Well, let us refresh your memory on how that feels readers, let us jump back into the world of Harry Dresden. Since this is book 15 it is nearly impossible to not provide a few spoilers into this world, so if you are just starting the Dresden Files then may I give you some advice... start at book 1. The last Dresden book readers left me with a feeling of anticipation so great I could barely contain my excitement for the next one, and after having completed Skin Game, well, I am not disappointed in the least. This book readers is as usual a race against time and clothing will be lost, blood will be spilled, friends and enemies will once again blur into one another, and oh there will be Parkour! So, seeing as Harry is continuing to be Winter Knight to Mab the Queen of Air and Darkness it is only fitting that he have absolutely no idea what this Fei Queen could possibly have up her sleeves. Usually though readers, it is something quite complex and awful. We readers have about us much knowledge as Harry does and so we too are absolutely clueless. In this book Mab wants a favor... does anyone remember what happened the first time Mab wanted a favor from Dresden when she didn't have any control over him? No? Well, it wasn't pretty that's for damn sure. Mab it seems has decided to turn in a marker and to fulfill her debt Harry must now help a group of supernatural all time big baddies. I know readers, you're thinking, "but Harry made it so he can refuse to do the work he disagrees with." Right? Well, turns out Mab has a bit of knowledge and a bit of leverage that when she asks Dresden to do her this favor, he cannot possibly refuse. So, looks like we're going to have an Ocean's Eleven gone magic type of tale. Complete with a huge array of characters and cameos. Some we love and some well... Nicodemus Archelone... one of the oldest enemies of the Church, humanity, and Dresden is asking that a group of them break into one of the highest security vault in town, and that is just the beginning as after they break into this super high secure vault they will then have to break into the highest security vault in the Nevernever. Ha! Cake walk right? But, wait, wait, there's more! They are on a mission to obtain... something very faith imbued. Business, this is what it is, pure and simple business. Dresden of course knows there is going to be a double cross and he wants to make sure he's the one who will be pulling these puppet strings to his own tune, but is he still him? Can Harry handle his Winter mantle and still be Table top gaming, Za lord, defender of those weaker than him, and all around bad ass Wizard with a comeback line for everything? Can Harry Dresden still be our local Chicago wizard and be the Winter Knight who also just so happens to be tied to Demon Reach on an island that none can withstand being on, say him? Well, I always have faith readers, but would you if you were Dresden's friend and have seen the power he has gained and witnessed him vanishing as he has recently? There's so much plotting and Mab is so not the only one making plans, judgments, and changing the course of events in the mortal world. Oh and what's a Dresden book without a dash of sexual tension? Dresden has his work cut out for him, he's been training and working out, but he's been alone for a long time now, and he needs his friends now, he needs faith, he needs his family. There's a lot of feels too in this book readers, Butcher is evolving this tale slowly and yet incredibly fast... I have no clue where he is taking us. I felt so happy beginning this book and I felt happy upon its ending, but now... well now I'm so sad because the road will only get harder because that is what Jim Butcher does at the end of the day he's the man pulling the strings and James Marsters is the man giving vocal voice to his creation. Oh, and Marsters does a brilliant job as usual too readers, I'd happily listen to this man talk for another seven plus hours everyday. This most recent Dresden book is just masterful and full of layer upon layer of plot. You won't be disappointed at least not until you finish.

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