Thursday, March 6, 2014

Skin Tight Written by: Carl Hiaasen

Right, Carl Hiaasen, this is the second book I've listened to written by him, and yet again I feel like I need to shower and go clean something. His book just left me feeling all grubby again. This latest book I read by him also left me for some odd reason thinking about Hamlet, but this story was not really anything like Hamlet. Except perhaps for the rather large body count... The book opens with the murder of a pistol-packing intruder, and not with a baseball bat, crowbar, or even gun, but with the aid of a stuffed Marlin head, right here you know this is going to be insane... Mick Stranahan realizes a bit later on that he can't deny that someone is out to get him. The now deceased by home decor intruder carries no I.D., and Mick being a former Florida state investigator knows there are plenty of people out there who would potentially love to bring his life to an abrupt end. The list of potential suspects include an off point hit man, a personal injury lawyer, a notoriously irritating TV journalist, perhaps one of his five ex-wives, and a fumbling plastic surgeon... just to name a few. Hiaasen  has a wonderful way with writing about Florida, it just makes me never want to visit this state... but I am quite fascinated with how such a tropical paradise could be so... slimy. Aided by the vocal talents of George Wilson once more, Hiaasen's characters take on an even more sleazy dialect and you can feel the oil just oozing from these characters because of Wilson's pitch and intonations. Though, I still don't like how Wilson gives his females such high nasal voices or low congested voices, but somehow it works. There's a whole lot of wheeling and dealing going on here readers; money, sex, favors, and promises will exchange hands multiple times and people will be stabbed in the back more than a few times, a rather tricky game indeed. Hiaasen serves us up some crazy action with a lot of comedic help as well as some cringe worthy moments. Seriously there's one scene I am so glad I was sitting and not running, because I almost past out it was so graphic... So, if Stranahan wants to keep living into his golden years he has no choice but to come out of retirement and attempt to close one last case that will take him back through the past as well as to multiple states and dealing with some rather colorful and oh so shady characters. This book was awesome readers, and everyone it seems is destined to have their just deserts one way or another Hiaasen will strike at everyone with his pen and not in an elegant stroke but with a slash that would make Jack The Ripper proud.

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