Sunday, March 2, 2014

Consenting Adults Five Short Stories Written by: J. Lea Lopez

Consent, it is a powerful thing in the world my fellow readers, especially when two (or more) people consent to give themselves to one another in a sexual way. Consent, a powerful force indeed. In this book there are five tales that deal specifically with consent. The first story "Consenting adults" deals with the exploration of eroticism between two lovers and a whole lot of "YES!" between lovers. Who hasn't had an office crush or wanted to get a little freaky withtheir attractive co-workers? Quite the steamy introduction. Not a bad opening to this collection, the second story "The Haricot Verts" gives us  peek in on a tense moment between a couple where one half of this couple is having trouble with communicating what exactly is on her mind. What can I say about this second story? I honestly do not know, perhaps one of you can explain to me just what the heck was going on? I am puzzled. The third story...Two words readers....Shower Scene. The third tale "The reluctant Exhibitionist" takes us in the world of a young couple who are learning to open up and share their fantasies without embarrassment. Very kinky and romantic, and seriously who has not had an embarrasing moment or two or three... when they wanted to share an intimate secret or create one with their partner?  The fourth tale "The Adventures of Sasquatch" is kind of a frustrating tale involving a pretty awesome single mom, and her big feet, and how she is determined to reclaim her inner curb stomping awesome princess self. I liked this tale, it was cute and a tad funny and who does not have something about themselves that they think at times holds them back? The last and final tale is something many people face it is titled "Between the Lines" this tale shows us what happens when long-hidden desires, but are they really hidden? No, that is for sure, these two people know what they want, and they are willing to show and share with one another just what they desire. Phew, hormones are running wild all over this book, and without being overly crude this is a collection of fun, romantic, erotic, and okay a little bit of raunchy tales. Not a bad read if you want to curl up for a minute or two to just take a breather and peak into other people's lives.

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