Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Happy(ish) Written by Cara Trautman

Three book readers! That's right three books one month, ah the addiction is back with a vengeance! My morning commute has been way more enjoyable and my home commute even more so with these books in my life again, and this book was a real gem readers, I mean it was hands down awesome! So, how does a 35 year old woman residing in Michigan end up reluctantly dressed as a squirrel in the name of love? Well, author Cara Trautman plops us into the life of Jane Pearson who is single, an avid chooser of wrong men to sleep with, terrible at doing any type of house work, and kind of well a loser, but a lovable loser. Jane has a lot going on in her life, she has to deal with; vibrators that set on fire, a crazy demanding mother, eccentric friends, peculiar co-workers, a twenty four year old goldfish, a crazy off beat family, and oh she's looking for love. Jane has developed some odd quirks in life and it seems now is the time for life to teach her some lessons and of course she has to do this dressed as a squirrel, because... why not? I did find myself wanting to strangle Jane, because at 35 I would hope this woman would realize that maybe her current path and actions are not exactly working for her, but this lady has some serious blinders on. The cast of characters in this book had me laughing out loud in public quite often, I think a few people even sat elsewhere because I laughed... cackled a bit too much. There is a lot going on in this plot and it blends together in such a fun way that I absolutely adored it. A very fun read indeed.

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