Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Death By Honeymoon Book 1 In the Caribbean Murder Series Written by Jaden Skye

Hello Readers! My, my, my, it has been a long time! I do apologize for not reading as many books this summer as previous years, and for not updating more often. Alright, so, life on this end has been pretty spectacular following my dream is proving to be quite rewarding, of course I'm a wee ball of explosive emotions consisting of both happiness and strife, but it's rewarding strife. But, I am happy and being genuinely happy has caused me to realize how unhappy I was in the corporate world of accounting. Alright, so book, finally, after six weeks of not reading, yeah six weeks! I finally had time to pick up a book (while commuting to and from school) and read! Since it is still summer I picked this book that Book Bub recommended. We are introduced to the happily recently married couple Cindy and Clint, and these two are so in love and it appears quite happy to declare it to the world and begin their life as one together. It is the couples honeymoon you see and they are happily celebrating their union on the rugged, wild, eastern shore of Barbados, but it seems happily ever is not to be for this couple. Cindy rushes to the shore to find her love, but instead of his handsome smile she is greeted with nothing. Soon Cindy realizes her beloved has been taken from her, drowned in a freak accident in the ocean. Clint's death is soon declared an accident by the local police and so Cindy must fly home alone a widow after a few days of marriage to the man she thought would be by her side til they were old and grey. Once home readers Cindy is brought to her knees by other events beyond her control and her already emotional state is frayed further, but there is a thought growing inside of her; the thought that Clint's death wasn't an accident but MURDER!  But, why would Cindy think this and what proof does she have? Where can a grieving wife go with her suspicions and be taken seriously? The story itself takes a bit to get going as it is mostly consisting of how depressed Cindy is and her mourning the loss of her life with her dearly departed husband. Once the book does begin steam rolling though readers it does not stop and plows right ahead and before we know it the book is wrapped up and the brave Cindy is also it seems at the end of her journey. I won't say this was a great book, but it had some interesting character writing and the mystery was well mysterious. The beginning of the book could have been drawn out further, but I think the author knew once she began to unravel the murder mystery in her book the secrets would start pouring out and be hard to keep us the readers in the dark. Still, it's been weeks since I've been able to just kick back and enjoy a book, and I did enjoy this book, but being away from reading so long perhaps I just was hoping for a bit more.

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