Thursday, August 21, 2014

You're The One a Bistro La Bohème Written by Alix Nichols

Hola readers, wow, two books read in a short amount of time, starting to feel more like myself huzzah! Reading on the train for 80 minutes a day sure goes a long way. I missed reading, and honestly readers though I love school and my classmates I just sometimes, okay most of the time cannot resist the pull of a book to just dive into another world. This book was an absolute treat, in fact it was so sweet I felt like I was curled up in my favorite comfortable pair of jeans and sweater in my book room enjoying a delightfuly warm cup of tea overlooking my neighborhood on a crisp morning. This was just one of those books that left you sighing and giggling in delight. The author introduces us to nursery school teacher Natalie who absolutely adores children and aches for a child of her own, but her longtime boyfriend declares pretty forcefully his career comes first. Natalie respects her boyfriend's decision and blames herself for his refusal that is until she learns the truth. Next, we are introduced to Adrien a professional chess player who divides his time by spending time in his favorite cafe analyzing chess moves and competing internationally. Chess is Adrien's passion and yet it is not enough to make him happy. So how are these two characters a nursery school teacher and a professional chess player connected? Well, I cannot say! That would spoil the whole story, and this a novella and so it is short to begin with, but still this little book packs a punch. I very much enjoyed this short story and if you want a little shot of romance right into the blood stream this just might be the book for you.

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