Friday, August 29, 2014

Claimed by the Alpha Dolphins: Part Two: Desired by the Deep Written by: Lyra Fawn

Compromise readers, they say in a compromise both sides lose no? Well, Mona is trying really hard in this second book to figure out a way to make her two Princes compromise both in culture and in their romantic lives, book two readers! I really couldn't wait to see what happens, so if you haven't read the first book in this series I warn you now, read no further! Mona is being annoyed and torn by constant rivalry between the Herakli and the Atlanti Pods, and it is clear both sides firmly believe the other side is right. Dario and Lucan are also torn as throughout the years of traveling together they've formed a bond of trust and dare I say, friendship? There's a reason why these two Dolphinae princes decided to unite and put their issues aside in the first place, the Mordentes. The Mordentes are enemies of the Dolphanie and they are organizing and becoming even more deadly. Mona is forced to flee with her princes and danger is escalating and it seems that even the Dolphanie high powered organizations might not be enough to keep her safe. Now, back to the compromise, Mona has an idea and it might just be brilliant and be the solution to cause the least bloodshed and maximum results. Mona believes that with her body and the bodies of her princes she can bridge the gap between the two pods and perhaps get what she really wants the unification of their hearts. This book was a bit more steamy indeed and the story is proving quite interesting and the way it ends, well, just what does Lyra Fawn have up her sleeves? I really don't know, but I am waiting for the third book and cannot wait to see what will happen in this paranormal erotic series.

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