Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Claimed By The Alpha Dolphins Part One; Bound to the Sea Written by: Lyra Fawn

It is summer time readers, and as we've seen for three summers straight that means erotic book reading! Okay, I read erotic books all year long, but the summer just works so well with them too, especially oceanic set erotic tales. So, we have two, yes two brawny surfers from a foreign realm complete with exotic accents. These two delicious Adonis look alike have a secret, but they might just share it with you, if you're someone special. What counts as special? Well, seems you have to be what's known as a 'Descendant of Neptune'. Mona our heroine finds herself on a beach in California one day attempting to not get her fair skinned burned, and when a horrible attack occurs she witnesses something truly fascinating. Soon Mona is at the center of a centuries old conflict between two rival pods of dolphin shifters known as the Dolphinae. Half of the pair notices her beautiful curves and red hair, but Lucan a dark and handsome prince does not completely catch Mona's notice she is fascinated by Lucan's partner a blonde regal looking fellow; Dario who is also a prince. So, not only is Mona in the middle of a long standing conflict now she is the center of a rivalry between men. But, wait there's more, it seems there is also another danger that lurks on both land and in sea... can Mona bridge the two Alpha Dolphinae and their clans and manage to not well drown? There's some steamy scenes in this book readers, and the disclaimer of the book says for 18 plus, but as far as erotic tales go, this one was pretty relaxed and not that out there compared to other series I have read, the shifter aspect was quite interesting and I really fell into the story and I am wondering what will happen to Mona and the two princes.

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