Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Four to Score Book 4 Written by: Janet Evanovich

Happy First of the Month everyone, hope you're all enjoying the Olympic Games in London. This blog seems to be quickly becoming a Stephanie Plum Janet Evanovich Blog. I just cannot for the life of me put these books down! You just have to love Stephanie she's just so kick butt, not in a trained really cool kind of way, but in a somehow I'll muddle through with my sheer willpower, thought her willpower seems to halt when it comes to food, Morelli, and Shopping. You also have to appreciate her Catholic guilt and her reasoning "It's a multifaceted experience. If you lose the faith, chances are you'll keep the guild, so it isn't as if you've been skunked altogether" Yup, darn skippy, I've heard this a lot from my catholic friends no longer practicing...sheer genius. I also loved Stephanie's reasoning on this book comparing God and Santa Clause especially since the book "You Better not Cry by Augusten Burrough" did the same comparsion ha! Then there's Janet Evanovich's description of NJ "In Jersey the ocean smells of coconut-scented suntan lotion and Italian Sausage smothered in fried onions and petter. It smells like deep-fried zeppoles and chili hot dogs." Truly poetry that description and it brought back my own childhood walking the Jersey Shore.

This book was just off the charts hilarious. The gangs all here making their usual appearences from the Seniors living in Stephanies building, her oh so odd ball family, and of course Morelli, Lula, Ranger, and others. My newest favorite character though has got to be Sally, this guy was just 110% hilarious. His cursing even made me pause a few times going "Wow!" "Impressive!" Stephanie Plum, do you manage to live through all the exploding cars, junk food, death threats, and your friends and family? Ms. Plum is again on a case and this time it's just as tangled and messed up as the last, add in a few Transvestites, Atlantic city, a stake out, some dead bodies, another bad hair experience, and some hot...well I'll let you find out for yourselves...And, well you have some entertaining book here. Love this series, and I am probably going to read the next one right...Now.

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