Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Seven Up Stephanie Plum Written by: Janet Evanovich

How can one woman have so many bad hair styles and dye jobs!? I swear this is not becoming the Stephanie Plum book review blog. Just so happens my life is very busy at the moment, and I just cannot bring myself to read anything serious, sad, or dark humored. So, I figured a little more Stephanie never hurt anyone. Well unless you're her mark or dating her... This latest book was as usual nuts, Stephanie is being pressured into buying a certain White Dress and has to find an old Mobster who just won't let Stephanie nab him. At least we get some good history in this book as we learn thanks to HBO NJ now knows how to dress. Add a sister who was perfect and is now trying out being a lesbian, some female mud wrestlers, two nieces, a dog with an eating disorder, a pig heart, and a complex love life and you have one heck of a mess. But, it is all about priorities right? And, in this book we learn men's priorities are oh so simple all it takes is an erection to make like hunky dory. Trust me this will make you laugh, though how is it one woman can have so many problems, have so many nuts people in her life, have so many life changing experiences, and still have zero will power and be so dumb? Love this series, but in all seriousness does Trenton NJ really have this many loony people? I cannot seem to remember. This book ended quite steamy and obviously I am so going to have to start the next one!

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