Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Take Me Written by: Grace Samuels

"Let's play a game," his throaty voice said through the crackling of the long-distance phone line.
Hmm...what sort of game?" She asked.
"Why don't you let it be a surprise"

Grace Samuels introduces us to Dr. Diana Anderson a beautiful intelligent women attending a ball at the Museum that she has spent the past year putting together their Egyptian exhibit together. The theme of the ball of course if Egypt with beautiful statues, jewelry, trinkets, and all around her are costumed for the occasion. The whole party is rather breathtaking in all its golden splendor and causes Diana to to wish for someone to celebrate it with. Be careful what you wish for? Not too long after this desire is made enters a costumed man with tanned skin, a pierced niple, and a perfect body dressed as the ancient lion-headed god Maahes, known as the Lord of the Massacre. He plans to seduce Diana and tells her as such appearing next to her throughout the evening and vanishing as quickly... we hear what goes on in both Diana's and Maaahes minds. It is a fun seduction and something most women probably dream of happening when going out in their very finest hoping that handsome man will notice them from across the room no? This is definitely flirting to the extreme and I won't spoil the ending,but Grace Samuels has created a fun and oh so sultry tale with Take Me. I very much enjoyed the ending between her two would be lovers.

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