Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Some Like it Rough The Original Erotica Collection: Written by: Victoria Foxxe, Stella Kingston, Delilah Fawkes, Sara Pierce, & Sir Jaerls

Now, time for some Erotica books. I have not had time to read during the day so a bit of night reading is always good. Some Like it Rough The Original Erotica Collection: Written by: Victoria Foxxe, Stella Kingston, Deliah Fawkes, Sara Pierce, & Sir Jaerls is well...interesting a friend of mine sent me the book and said I just had to read. Where to begin the first story The Deal is very rough and quite graphic it takes us into upper corporate America and shows us just who is and is not boss here. If you are into this bit of Kink especially if you like to fight for power a def for you.

Vacation Whore the next story in this book just will make you ladies and even men wish the world was such a safe place that meeting a complete stranger could be so sexy and satisfying Carla and Max have spoken quite often, but have never met and are short on time to enjoy one an others company. And enjoy they do.

Surrender the Wolf the third story is a supernatural top and bottom story it was a little odd to read actually seeing as the other two previous stories other than being a little over the top but not dealing with supernatural aspects unless you consider mind blowing orgasms supernatural. There's also a twist in this short tale it does however deal with how one can be a bottom in the bedroom but not a pushover so that was interesting. Especially with how rough this story in particular becomes and how much Sir and his lady Amber surely enjoy their game of pain and pleasure. A very erotic and unusual story indeed.

Jungle Fever, I need to say wowza... a tale of Navy SEALs trying to enjoy what little private time they have, at first I was not sure what was going on it starts out in the jungle and a shower Carson is our narrator and then enters Jones their merely trying to get clean right? All that training has them exhausted right? Wrong, steam needs to be blown off and these two men are going to do just that, but in a very rough sensual way, I actually haven't read many erotic stories involving two men yet alone two deadly trained SEALs who have some rather interesting tastes when it comes to their intimate relationship... I did enjoy the humor though.

The final Story in this book is called Sudden Chemistry I am not sure if Sudden is really appropriate with what the female lead Liz is a classic story Brainy cute girl is Tutoring big jock type Brady. That's where the typical ends, Liz is rather um forceful and knows what she wants that is for sure and she wants Brady, now again if this was a safe perfect world, no I'm pretty sure this girl would be in a world of trouble if her extra hobbies ever got out. Still, the story itself is pretty well depending upon your tastes really, but damn. The writer of this tale is quite imaginative and gets the full force of her characters dominance through her words and actions
All of these authors write so differently about a similar topic it's actually quite fascinating, I enjoyed this book it was different than what I usually read, but overall a good read indeed if you are into Rough sex with a whole lota of Kinky and dominance...

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