Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sex Stalker 2: Exposed Written by: Darren G. Burton

Sex Stalker 2, I thought perhaps this would be better than Sex Stalker 1, but even though author Darren G. Burto brought back Ryan and his mystery woman stalker I don't know... the build up just was not there, not like the first one, the author spent more time talking about making coffee and being bored with life rather than  well the Smut. When the hot steamy scenes finally did occur they seemed rather well boring and tame compared to the anticipation he built up in the first book. This book reminded me of those classic porno movies where they try desperately to put a plot into play and forget they are making a porno. The first book was just so good and well paced this one was stagnant and at times boring. I recommend reading the first book and just glossing over this one, I may give Burto another chance with his other books, but this was a let down. Good writing but boring plot.

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