Saturday, August 4, 2012

High Five a Stephanie Plum Novel #5 Written by: Janet Evanovich

Five down, and quite  few more to go, yay! I just finished book five in the Stephanie Plum series, and quite honestly I loved and devoured every minute of it, and I really do have to ask...How can one woman have so much bad luck and excitement in her life? Things really picked up for our NJ Bombshell Bounty hunter, sadly work is slow, and her love life is a just a tad bit complicated, (You really cannot trust Morelli Men huh? Or, can you?)  and then there's the zero will power when it comes to food, and oh yes more people trying to make Stephanie explode, but overall our main character is doing ok... r-i-g-h-t. Also, were there really this many crazy people in NJ? I visit every so often and my time there is not nearly as exciting granted I rarely am in the Trenton area anymore so maybe that's it... either way we are introduced to some rather unique characters again in this book and the old ones are all here too, I do not overly feel bad for Stephanie's mother, but her father is another story poor guy all he wants to do is eat in peace, and his daughter and grandmother keep bringing anxiety and screwball characters into his home and at his table. Also, why does Grandma Mazur keep getting to keep guns on her person? Some other rather scary characters make their way back to too, anyone remember the first book? If so keep your eyes peeled and pepper spray handy. This book Stephanie is hunting for a family member gone missing it is a favor to the family and she is filling her obligations as a daughter and granddaughter, sadly, bills are also piling up and the bounty hunter business is slow so she either has to get a real job, or look for other means to make money which leads to some rather dicey decisions and a very sexy fellow bounty hunter. To all those ladies and men if they like to dress as ladies some advice from Ms. Plum "If your hair is bad, shorten your skirt and add extra mascara." A fun fast read Janet Evanovich does not disappoint, except maybe this books ending, there she is just plain EVIL!

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