Thursday, August 30, 2012

Death Troopers A Star Wars Novel Written by Joe Schreiber

Chilling, absolutely chilling! What better way to travel on the road for ten hours plus then by having one of the scariest chapter titles and background soundtrack spewed out over the radio only to assault your ears and have no escape from that assault? Death Troopers is unlike any Star Wars book I have ever read or listened to, this one is very out there and does not really tie to the core books, of course that does not stop this book from showing just how far the Galactic Empire is willing to go to crush its foes. It seems they are even willing to cheat death. We follow a few people’s narratives during this book and the story itself is a slow build up and then gut punches the reader into pure grotesque horror, what starts off as a mere scratching at the skin quickly turns into the Ebola Plague of nightmares. The main characters range from ages and even species, but mostly they are humanoid coming from all walks of life. The author is not at all afraid of killing off of characters you may just begin to like or automatically want to survive this tale. Think of The Stand written by Stephen King, meets Outbreak written by Robin Cook. Then wait until done and see what happens… I would add another book in here, but I just cannot spoil this for you. There are a few light comical moments, but mostly it is just bone crunching, blood curdling screams, and just pure ick factor all over. I highly recommend listening to this book as I don’t think your mind can create the sheer spine tingling terror the sound effects the audio techs put into this book, the voice actor as well did a very good job it almost felt like a full cast of voice actors with how different every characters voice had. If you insist on reading this book do so in a dark room read by flashlight underneath the covers with the doors locked. But, this was an awesome book way far out there but oh so awesome if you have a certain interest in Sci-Fi horror tales that happened in a Galaxy Far, far, away a long, long, time ago…

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