Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hard Eight A Stephanie Plum Novel: Written by: Janet Evanovich

Book 8! Hope some of you are enjoying these books as much as I am. This book was well, more grown up? Stephanie Plum your NJ novice bounty hunter is at it again, and not even getting paid this time! Her family just isn't good with emotion and when a neighbor shows up bawling even Stephanie's mother is begging her to find her neighbors Great grand daughter. This book where as a car getting blown up (yes this happens again!) someone breaks into Stephanie's apartment (yup still basically a revolving door her home), or someone is found dead in previous books was almost funny. This book cranks it up a bit to  be quite scary. So scary that Stephanie may just take a certain gun out of a certain cookie jar. You know your life is a little messed up when you compare Disney world to Stiva's funeral home as far as local attractions go. The Trenton gang is all here and along for this wild ride. It is a pity that some things aren't working quite right for Stephanie and some tension is finally gone, but hopefully this book will force her to grow up a little. Of course she is the queen of rationalization and even states to be a burg lady you must be able to lie all the way to your uber teased hair. Tasty Cakes, candy bars, Chinese food, I almost hate her for all the food she manages to survive eating. Spiders, bunnies, snakes, kidnappers, FTAs, and death threats it really is a Stephanie novel, and it ended on such a note I think I can finally read another book, but I will look forward til I can read the next 10.

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