Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sake Bomb A Kizzie Baldwin Erotic Thriller book 3 Written by: Sable Jordan

Hola mis lectores de libros compañeros!...Yeah, that's all I have for now...I've been studying Spanish for a few months and I must say..prepositions in both English and Spanish...oy! Okay, right so latest book. Summer is pretty much over sure there are some beautiful warm days ahead and sure tank tops and sleeveless dresses will be worn, but that summer air is just le sigh...moving aside for the crisp clear air of fall...hello 40 degree I thought I'd try to keep the summer heat alive (yes forgive me I'm making hot, heat, summer excuses to read an erotic novel) by reading book three in the Kizzie Baldwin spy thriller universe. My readers, wow, what a story... Kizzie has been quite the busy CIA agent and all I can say is bless her cause there's no way in hell would I ever go into anyone's room if they had that many clowns...scary as all hell... especially since this recent mission hits a bit close to home to Kizzie and during this slightly emotional mission she finally receives some Intel from the Dom and crime lord who has a very special pet name for Kizzie... And who is extremely sexy. So, readers...some crazy events occurred in izzie's world a few months ago involving a very talented and scary sub names Sumi. Now, Sumi is back, they've located where she is and hope to finally figure out what happened to the Salt bomb HRV... only one problem Sumi might be dead. Kizzie is off the farm it seems she's going rogue with Xander and his partner Phil to search the streets of Tokyo to find HRV and stop it from exploding. A woman could get lost in Xander Dusquesne charm, commanding presence, his dark eyes... There was significantly less erotic in this book readers, but I was okay with that, the series is actually more of a spy series with such awesome action, behind the scenes betrayals, loops and twists galore... I was lost quite a few times, but Sable Jordan had me the entire way, and when she did bring us back to the BDSM universe I was just fascinated and quite pleased. Not exactly wholly for me but interesting none the less and the behind the main plot points are just tantalizing I just wanted to know everything! But, like all good series every question answered brought on a few more questions... le sigh, and usually where this can annoy me I actually enjoyed the bigger questions, it all adds to the build up and dare I say climax? Though, readers, if you are looking for an end...clearly this isn't as we read we must ask...can Kizzie stay a good CIA agent or will she become Xanders good Sub? Can she be both? Read Sake Bomb and find out and continue enjoying kick butt action, deception, and some very hot erotic scenes. 

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