Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Billionaire’s Obsession Book 1 Mine for Tonight Written by: J.S. Scott

Hello my fellow readers, I hope this end of summer intro to fall and chaotic world finds you well. Hopefully you all have a good book to curl up with and just go on some adventure…forgive me feeling a bit poetic and dare I say…happy? Yup, enjoying this glow while I have it. Which, having a happy glow about me I decided to pick up a book by J.S. Scott an erotic tale that includes the characters bubbly, good natured, and beautiful Kara Foster a down on her luck hard working waitress and nursing student who though is running herself ragged just can’t seem to get a break… and Reclusive billionaire Simon Hudson a take charge imposing but polite man whom Kara has never met… until now. Simon is touched by Kara and has been watching her at his mother’s restaurant for over a year now never speaking, but just watching, and he is intrigued by her, but being a stubborn man refuses to admit his desires for her. But, something occurs that puts Kara in a situation that could easily end all of her careful life planning and hard work, and Simon sees an opening to finally come face to face with the woman who has captured his interest. Should Kara take help from this stranger? The offer Simon gives her is something out of an 80’s movie or fairy (adult) tale to make her life easier and give her some much needed rest and security… a short novel readers, but also quite fascinating… Kara is an independent hard working woman, but then comes along Tall Dark and Rich… does she take the deal? It seems Simon isn't given her much of a choice… I enjoyed this readers though I had a few issues with the concept of another woman being in distress but at least she is a hardworking, smart, and good person… that’s nice and Simon really doesn't have a clue it seems what he has to offer a woman aside from money. This is book one in a series and I’m very interested to see where this short Romantic Erotic series goes.

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