Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mine forever The Billionaire's Obsession Book Three Written by: J.S. Scott

Hello Fellow book reading buddies, my what a world, what a world, but you’re not here to hear me rant over the craziness of all that’s occurring in the world, but I’m going to say this… If Mother Nature in all her glory can only damage property and take away the lives of 8 people and displace over 11 hundred people over weeks of flooding, but it only takes one man to take the lives of 12 people in a short amount of time….well doesn't that say something? Well, never mind let’s get onto the good stuff no? Forgive me readers just had to say that couldn't help myself okay back to the wonderful life of books our world away from the world… I actually got to read a little of this book while Kayaking over the weekend not for long mind you, but ooh I felt almost embarrassed to be reading this little tale with so many people on the water, I’m talking about book three in the Billionaire’s Obsession series titled Mine for Forever… title says it all doesn't it eh? Mine for forever… seems both Kara and Simon might just be getting on the same page after having dealt with such a traumatic experience in the last book almost losing the person one loves really opens both parties eyes, hearts, and souls to what really matters…after all readers houses can be rebuilt, possessions reclaimed, but one’s life…well that’s just a tad difficult to get back no? Once the ferry man comes to collect readers….Ha see! My opening sentences did have relevance to this review! So, finally these two bull headed lovers are opening up and coming to an understanding, and by understanding Simon will demand everything of Kara, but will Kara’s demands be met by Simon? The steamy scenes (and for once readers they were actually steamy hehe) were quite tantalizing and seemed to caress the senses…nothing supernatural or unbelievable in this lovemaking nope, granted sometimes orgasms (more than sometimes for quite a few) seem like magic and supernatural to people. The story itself was at times frustrating as I’ve stated these two are quite the bull headed wants what they want and will have it kinda people so… yeah makes it difficult if they don’t communicate. So, can Simon and Kara get over their pasts can they really be there’s forever? I leave the ending of this romantic and at times erotic tale to you my fellow readers. Enjoy I sure did.

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