Monday, July 29, 2013

Bitter Harvest (Harvest Trilogy 2) Written by: Michael R. Hicks

Good evening readers, I absolutely cannot believe how ...and forgive me for stating the obvious, but how fast this summer is going. It must be the scorching heat mixed in with the awesome thunderstorms...that and the fact I haven't had a days rest since....May? Yes, maybe a day in may I think. Plus for two weekends I've been the Baali named Skylar masquerading as a Gangrel... and then Eliza Headley wife to Professor Headley in the 1920's with severe TB...right off topic. So, I just finished the second book in the Harvest Trilogy...I remember being absolutely paranoid after having read the first book in this trilogy by Michael R. Hicks, so much so that I've been reading a gardening book on the side and I am investing in looking to grow my own organic garden... well, it's a responsible investment...not just because most of the books I read involve the end of civilization as we know it...oh hell who am I kidding most of what I do is because a book scared me into it... So, book 2, I've been trying to read a few books in between series so I don't just go straight through them and that's that, but with this book...well, I wanted to put it down but just couldn't. The first book put me in a paranoid state for sure and introduced me to the characters Jack Dawson and Naomi Perrault, well they're back as is a few other characters from the first book. I may have cried a few times while reading this book both from unease, terror, and loss... the story itself flowed very nicely from setting to setting and person internal monologue to horrific instances. You would think the events of the first book wouldn't be simply brushed under the rug, but it has been a year and how quickly people forget the near extinction of their entire race. The Harvesters have been forgotten so much in fact that a new President has come to power and all the stop gaps, laws, and legislation former President Curtis put into place have been repealed. Along with the new legislation Naomi and Jack now have to move on with their lives and Naomi has been given the chance to work once again do the work she wanted to before the whole Harvesters incident. With Naomi's new job it is quickly obvious that the work she's currently working on could only be as advanced as it is because of one thing...somehow this lab managed to get a hold of the dreaded bag...the bag they have never stopped worrying about. The book itself was very fast, and the new danger the Harvesters have brought to the table is just well...AHH! Yup, AHHH, pretty much describes the new horrific offspring brought forth from the original Harvesters. I am very excited to see where this series is going....I need some Vodka after a tale like that.

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