Sunday, July 14, 2013

Clanbook Baali, A Black Dog Clanbook For The Vampire: The Dark Ages For Adults Only written by: Lucien Soulban & Sven Skoog

Hello fellow readers, a troubling world we live in no? So many things are going on and yet the world of books still draws me to them with their dark plots and multitude of schemes. This past weekend I had the pleasure of LARPING with a wonderful group of people the LARP system we chose to use was White Wolfe’s Vampire the Masquerade. Ooh how I get shivers just thinking about the wondrous backstabbing schemes we all created and carried out. So, quite a few years ago I became completely obsessed with White Wolf’s world of Vampire, Demon, Mage, Mummy, Changling, Werewolf, Wraith, etc… the world and drama these group of authors created and the cannon is just sheer genius and can easily be read time and time again. To this day I’m still finding books no longer in print to learn as much as I can. So, as you can assume my character this weekend was A Baali. Now, this isn’t published by White Wolf but their more adult publishing company Black Dog and it’s a good thing too, because the Baali book is DARK.  sven Skoog and LucienSoulban reaaaaly made  an  amazing book  here. Alot of the vampire tales are not for the faint of heart, but the few Black Dog books I’ve read just leave an impression behind the eyes that can cause bouts of squeamish ticks. (Seriously sometimes you just shiver at the artwork and tales told in these books) Perhaps I’m a bit faint of heart but “there are greater powers in the world than mere vampires… these vampires have powers which have secret names, names of power. The Baali know those names. These powers have hidden themselves in shadow and blood, lest they be awakened too soon. The Baali know where they sleep. These powers will someday awaken, and lay waste unto the world. The Baali know this too, and work to hasten it.” This book is for the Dark Ages game but the core system and character creation can be adapted to the modern age the book itself has the history of the most hated bloodline in the World of Darkness and gives the player a guide on how to spread their foul corruption as well as merits, flaws, and Daimoninon powers…Some awesome powers if I do say so myself…sense the Sin people… just a smidgeon broken. I had to cram all of this Baali lore and knowledge as well as other vampiric abilities and powers (as I was pretending to be from clan Gangrel since Infernalist Baali are so not welcomed to a Camarilla ruled city.) The chapter beginning stories really set the entire scene of Clan Baali, they are just so dark and terrifying in how grotesque and yet reserved they are, but they are also a scattered bloodline and in their evil can be seen as saviors odd no? A really fantastic read that is horrifying and just plain gross at times. Truly a must read if you ever want to know about a bloodline that at times joined the most common of enemies in one cause…the Elimination of the Baali
 also would like to give credit to  art by  Guy Davis,  Vince Locke,  and John Bolton  the art really helped set the book's tone.

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