Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Death of a Serpent (A Serafine Florio Mystery) Written by: Susan Russo Anderson

So...read a murder mystery about Fallen Women (The book's words not mine) being murdered one by one and apparently the only one who can bring their killer to justice is a Midwife. She is a very good midwife, and also known as a wizard to a few of her friends. Sounds like a fun story huh? Keeping with the whole scary book theme. Well, it was disjointed at first... I was just thrown into a book and the story made it hard to grasp anything about the characters. There were words but the substance seemed to be lacking. A very slow start, and it was hard not to be insulted over the death of "working women" especially since their deaths are ignored since they are considered lesser creatures. The book just didn't go anywhere it just kept getting more awkward and less fluid. Plus, I really could not stand the main character... Serafina she's a wonderful midwife, but a not so good mother, and an even worse narrator her voice is just so...ugh! I had to force myself to finish this book praying somehow this book would get better and even the ending was pretty obvious and lacking in any real excitement. I will give credit to the author in this book had its own voice, but the voice was weak and just left me wanting to get over with it so I could move on. I wouldn't consider reading her other works as this one was just so bland and well boring.

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