Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tag Team Written by: Nicola Marsh

Ok, was feeling a tad sad after the last story I read and thought, ok Erotika, that will make a gal feel better no? But, then I thought well, it is Halloween so let's see what we can do to keep with Halloween and Erotica, but instead I was given this tale of horror... May I ask, who can get hot and bothered when a terrorist group is using a poison that is similar to Ebola to hopefully infect people? Not so sure I would be in the mood if that was going around, but hey this is not me... Coralee Keaton Lee as she insists on being called, is Australian Defense Force, she's brave, brilliant, resourceful, and sexy as all D cups included. Then there's Garcia Diaz-Fox to anyone who wanted to walk out of his office without a permanent limp. He's part of the Victoria Police Special Operations group and oh yeah sexy in an oh so masculine way. Of course they have to work together and have a pissing contest 24/7, but they need to work together lives depend on it. This was ok the actual sex scene was so so, but the action was well also so so, but a good quick story if that's what you are looking for, seems like a bad movie plot, but sometimes that is ok. This book had the elements, but somehow it wasn't mixed quite right... but again it was ok.

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