Saturday, October 20, 2012

With This Kiss Written by: Victoria Lynne

"I asked for all things in order that I might enjoy life. I was given life in order that I might enjoy all things." Such a lovely quote, from this Victoria Lynne book, this story is not a wholly unique one, but when you read a lot of books with love or even reluctant love there's only so much a writer can do to try and create their own tale. In this story we have the beautiful, luscious, and over all do well lady Julia. She is a lady who has fallen on hard times due to poor family choices, and seeks to make the world of London a better place even while she is being oppressed. Then we have Morgan St. James a former top Rake in London who himself suffered at another hands that has left him both physically and emotionally traumatized. Morgan is now known as "The Beast" he has secluded himself off from life and fears he will die young and childless but he refuses to venture out after having lost so much. This story was enjoyable if not predictable the classic damaged man and the good lady who wishes to draw him back from the shadows and into her loving embrace, but the witty banter this couple shares is endearing, and timeless as who doesn't enjoy a little challenge in their love life? My only real gripe with this story was how much Julia demanded her husband worked to not be snobbish and care for the common man be he poor or down trodden, and yet that vanishes after some chapter just poof! No more let's fix the world, instead it is mostly love and trying to defeat the foe who ruined Morgan's life and is threatening Julia's. This was a only slightly dark this tale the true horror was highlighted somewhat, but glossed over by the relationship in the book. If you like romance with only a little danger this was a decent book, and Victoria Lynne's dialogue is quite fun to read.

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