Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Walking Dead Book Two. A continuing story of survival horror Written by: Robert Kirkman and others

It is becoming close to that time of year all Hallows eve when the land of the dead and living can almost bleed into one another... or, so they say. So, let's add a big dash of paranoia with a tale of Zombies. This book is lettered, created, and written by Robert Kirkman. The Penciler, inker, and cover is by Charlie Adlard. The gray tones by Cliff Rathburnn. The letterer of chapter 4 is Rus Wooton. Original series cover by Tony Moore. This second book of stories did make my head spin. The main characters have changed quite a bit and madness is beginning to seep deeper into the bones of each of them. Quite a few deaths and quite a few new characters are joining the fray. This book didn't scare me like the first comics seeing as this is basically post apocalyptic and the civilized world has ended.  That doesn't mean these comics weren't greatly disturbing and I just couldn't stop reading even though things just kept getting worse and worse as time went on. The pictures and shadowing really bring the horror to life and then there's the big revelation "We're all just dead people walking. We are the walking dead." Also, Zombies on leashes... and yet with all the horrors people still want to murder one another.. just tacky. Friendships are broken and loved ones are lost and a leader is falling, and there is a new place these few remaining people are trying to carve out for themselves.

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