Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Brain Droppings Written by: George Carlin

Wow, just wow... I wish I smoked or did recreational drugs, because after having read this book I just went through the mind of a crazy person. I loved George Carlin ever since my parents first introduced me to this Verbal genius I felt like my eyes were opened a bit when his voice assaulted my ears. Brain Droppings just touched upon a bit of everything and kept on flowing in every direction barely contained by these pages. I felt my head becoming exhausted by this book simply because there was so much! And, there was a lot of huh, yeah I think that too, or huh! I never thought of it that way, ha! That makes perfect sense! Just pure crazy in a sane and insane way. I only wish this man was still alive today so I could enjoy his perspective on the world today, granted reading this book shows not too much has changed. Like when he talks about how people think at some point in time life may have been better and maybe with effort we could set them right again. And then he goes on to say "They're talentend and funny people, but they're nothing more than cheerleaders attached to a specific, wishes-for outcome." I especially loved his gripe about people with walkmans and how they're "too good to participate in daily life." When we're all attached to our smart phones, Mp3 Players, and blue tooth sets now and rarely do you see people walking alone who aren't linked to something enclosing themself in their own world while walking in the vast world, wonder what his take would be on this... granted he didn't die that long ago. Still this book covered politics, the human condition, religion, to base ball/ sports, parenting, crime, etc... just pure madness and I loved it! I heard George Carlin's voice in my mind and remembered how he used to pause and breath, and move it was a real treat, not for the light of heart, but still for those of you who can take a joke and laugh at the world this was a real good book.

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