Friday, November 9, 2012

Hidden Written by: Derick Parsons

Ok, well... new month November, another year older for this blogger and reader... so I thought let's read something a bit more emotional and serious. This book focuses on main character Kate Bennett she has a very tragic past, and even a tragic current life. This book took me to Ireland precisely Trinity College Dublin. Kate is trying to move on with her life to cut ties to an old flame and be an independent woman. Kate is deeply troubled I felt bad for her past, but could not help how she at times was just plain mean to those who cared about her and how she was consciously self destructive, and it felt like she couldn't help being the permanent victim, but she was very human. Instead of the main character with super powers she was just a woman very brilliant in her field of psychology, but flawed everywhere else in her life. She is even having trouble filling the role as professor, and passing on her passion for her chosen field in life. Kate then gets a call and is asked to treat a patient that is so messed up it awakens the passion she had for healing, but this is where things begin to get weird and scary. It seems someone else has taken a very big interest in Kate's treatment of Grainne daughter of Ireland's very prestigious politician Michael Riordan. This book was written quite interesting the flow and way the dialogue was written was so unique I wonder if it is due to the location and was meant to be read as if the characters had Irish accents, which I tried to give them while reading and that helped the words flow better even musically. The topics of the book were of course very dishearten and disturbing very heavy topics... I will never understand how people can hurt children. I really got into this book and read it slowly trying to really get into the book, the ending too was unique in that the epilogue takes place so soon after the last page of the book, and how Derick Parsons fades in and out of certain chapters and then will rehash certain events. Quite interesting this book and scary, but if you like a more serious, non supernatural heavy read then Hidden is for you.

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