Friday, November 30, 2012

Hooking Up Written by: Jessica L. Degarmo

Well, November is coming to a close, and that means the time of the Scorpio (Well it's been over but I still consider it my month) is over, so why not end November on a steamier note seeing as soon it is all about Christmas and the Holiday rather than some good old fashioned alone time. Granted Xmas can get rather steamy between couples, but whatever I like November. This book Hooking up just had me feeling Zippy! The book was so upbeat and fun even when it was kind of sad and even at times depressing. This is sadly a classic story as in the fact people fall in love as young teenagers they stay in love and then one day POOF! They're not in love, and maybe they were never in love, love, or as the kids say today they just really like, liked one another. This is what happened to our main character Caitlin who is 28 years old and now alone after her boyfriend of ten years and best friend since kids Michael leaves her. At first I was thinking ok this is so going to be a tough book to read mostly because my own fears of my own long term relationship ending came into play (Silly woman that I know I am) but then Caitlin's friends Heidi and Kelly, a bar, and a whole lotta drinking and flirting came into the picture. One of her friends decides Catlin needs to just move on with her life and to use a magazine article to guide her. The article states for a woman to feel powerful, sexy, independent, etc... all she needs to do is have a random Hook up for those of you unfamiliar with this term it means a one night sexual encounter aka the one night stand. Of course Caitlin's other friend says this is ridiculous and Caitlin agrees... at least Caitlin does for a time until what is supposed to be a very romantic night turns into one of depression and finally desperation and sheer force of will makes our main character decide yes, in fact she does need a one night stand. There is only one problem, she's never done this before sure she looks like a knock out, and sure she catches the eye of Mr. Tall Dark and Handsome, and maybe just maybe she does take him to bed and have mind blowing all around amazing sex, the best of her life even, then what? Well, Caitlin is asking herself that very same question as Mr. random hookup whose name is actually Ryan, now won't vanish so easily after having taking him back to her place! Big No no ladies.. and men. So, here's to crazy fun women and the men who desire them. This book is so not typical and is actually a really fun and enlightening read. This book also brings into question of what exactly makes a family? Is it blood and names? I suppose that has a lot to do with it, but really your family are the people who are there for you, who know you, who grow with you, and as you all change in the end still love you. You're there for them and they're there for you, and I love how this book brought into some very serious points about life in such a random and fun way. Hooking up was just silly, zippy, sassy, and plain fun even the serious notes of the book.

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