Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Walking Dead Volume 10 What We Become Written by: Robert Kirkman

What we become... a very poetic title for Volume 10. I haven't had much time to pick up a novel these past few days what with my family visiting and getting into the holiday spirit, and what better way to remember just how lucky I really am then reading a Walking Dead comic? Seriously when you read about how much these characters have lost and keep losing it really puts life into perspective. Robert Kirkman, charlie Adlard, and Cliff Ra Thburn have just lured me in and are keeping me in their horror filled world. This latest volume new bonds are created through loss and past grievances and it seems old bonds formed in blood and past grievances are fraying. Our characters seem to really be having a tough time continuing on when you think someone has gotten a grip another person snaps just a bit, it is damn scary, but humans are all unique no? I am a little dissapointed in Dale as he has become darker and more stubborn as time goes on. I understand where he as a man is coming from, but sometimes you have to realize you cannot go backwards you just cannot. I am also becoming very scared about what will happen to the kids in this story at least the adults have memories and a lifetime to draw upon for a moral compass, or to ignore their past. Where the children have very little in ways of how horrible the world can be and were thrown head first into this terrible world with no real explanation and still the adults tried to shield them and not talk to them.. it may have been in the adults best interest to try and explain the new order and world to these kids instead of then having to force them to see all the horrors whenever they occurred. What will they children grow up to become if they survive? It is a terrible world this land covered by the Walking Dead, but are the dead the evil ones or are the survivors? It is scary to see just how desperate and savage people become if the Dead rising doesn't band humans together then what will? Seriously are we all really this nuts? Great addition to the series volume 10, but it invokes such heavy thoughts.

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