Friday, November 23, 2012

The Walking Dead Book Four a continuing story of survival horror. Written by: Robert Kirkman

Wowzer, so... I thought to myself and just ouch! I read this book last night after a very happy Turkey Coma finally passed, and thought well this is an easy read so might as well pick this up and get a little horror on this major shopping day (Which to me is a horror story all in itself, yup I avoid all the crazy that befalls my fellow humans on this day) I was so very wrong about the easy read. The writers, artists, inkers, and entire creative staff behind this 4th collection did not pull any punches this time. Instead they kicked me in the head and curb stomped my emotions and continued to do so up until the very end. The group of survivors are all here... what is left of them, and surprise more will die. My poor mind was just assaulted after wave after wave of horrific moments. To those of you who watch the show based on this comic I am not sure you can really call them the same the stories each have the characters and locations, but it as if they are parallel universes where the same cast of characters made different choices and thus created a different world for all of them entirely. The cast of survivors are still so clueless and making very tough decisions in ways I am not sure I agree with at all. It is amazing how quickly people can turn both good and bad and forget to use their brains. I cannot really say anything plot wise due to spoilers, but have a box of tissues, crow bar handy, and your loved ones in sight because you're going to need it. I hated this book not because it was not good, but because of how raw and terrifying it was as the previous three have been... so now what?

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