Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Dead is the New Black (Fashion Avenue Mystery Book One) Written by: Christine DeMaio-Rice

The fit is everything, and of course that means fashion darlings is everything no? This book takes place in New York City the center of the universe, or so some would have you believe. For Laura Carnegie (No relation to that Carnegie) is inside of the fashion world she works at an prestigious designer studio as a Pattern Maker don't know what that is? That is ok, I wasn't really up to snuff either. But, what she does is quite impressive, and she does is so well. Pity, that she can't live her life nearly as well or learn to keep her mouth shut. This book is about murder, yes murder in the fashion industry a bit cliche but things tend to become cliche because they work oh so well. It is also about desire, love, loss, and betrayal... Dun! Dun! Dun!!! I am being a tad over the top because the characters in this book are slightly over the top even very modest down to Earth Laura is well rather outside of the normal stitching of us normal folks. (If there is such a thing as normal) The book opens with a crime a crime against fashion! Laura is at the heart of this all or at least she puts herself right on the pulse of things (forgive me for the bad jokes I've been awake far too long today) she then turns up and discovers her boss over a dead body! Not just any dead body either the golden goose of their company, and worse Laura loves her boss, but now it seems their love is  likely never to happen as A. he is gay, B. her boss, and C. holding what looks like the murder weapon. This book takes us into the world of fashion from the design and execution teams perspectives we learn quite a bit about the elite fashion world such as..."The perfection of the fit was the most difficult. Fittings for the runway show were another thing entirely. The style didn't need to fit. It needed to look like it fit. How long is this skirt on a giraffe? Can this jacket fit a skeleton? .....This is why the models so often kept their outfits; they only fit the freakishly tall, obscenely skinny girls that walked the runway." Laura as a character is ok she's clearly figuring out her life still and who exactly she is and of course she has issues one being her taller, thinner, prettier? Sister Ruby. She has trouble being honest about how she feels and yet she just cannot keep her mouth shut, girl just goes on auto pilot more than half the time. Granted Laura also wants to have fun, and fun she does with her friends and even her sister and mother. The characters in this book are fairly basic even in their unique ways, but they do develop as the story continues. And, it seems this is book one so the author may be trying to slowly give us small doses and let us learn more about them as we go. I laughed a lot at this book granted some scenes were a bit jarring and jumbled, but for the most part it was a smooth read and really allowed me to have fun reading about the fashion elite world while not having to spend the money or dress up in a Marc Jacobs outfit to pretend I was one of them. A very fun read indeed, and I don't know if I believe Laura is a murder mystery solver in the making, but it was fun to see how she stumbled and attempted to solve mysteries as she did. A good read indeed.

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