Monday, November 19, 2012

The Personal Shopper: Annie Valentine Written by: Aiden James

Tis the season, I read a book about food and now it was time to read a book about one of my favorite hobbies.. Shopping, please no eye rolls hear me out. Once upon a time I cringed at the thought of even entering a store yet alone trying on items that to me said "leave you're not meant to wear these!" But, then I had a friend explain to me about body types, colors, fits, tailors! This person opened my eyes and I finally realized there was nothing wrong with me it was simply that designers can only focus on so many types of bodies, and once you find your  color and what works for you well, you will be just fine. Just some of of us need help. I only wish I had been able to have a personal shopper like Annie Valentine when I was crying in dressing rooms trying to find an 8th grade dinner dance dress (braces, curves, not big boobed, broad shoulders, and petite= screwed in Juniors department dresses) This book takes us into the world of Chanel, Valentino, Mui Mui Chloe, Pucci, M&S, MaxMara... translation expensive! This is Annie's world she lives to shop and to help others shop to look their very best, and she always has a lipstick ready to work through the day. She is a single mother with two very unique children at a very interesting age. She has some fabulous friends and family, and she feels she just may be ready for love and in Annie's experience.. Men... "They had to be seduced, cajoled, reassured: in short, hunted down." And her best advice that I already follow in life.."dress for how you want to feel again. Because then it will happen more quickly." Annie also has a dragon, wait no that is mean to dragons, a rather very unpleasant boss who it seems feels threatened by Annie's sales expertise. There's one big flaw with Annie, she loves to shop and look great, I mean LOVES to SHOP, and I don't know if any of you have ever shopped at Runway Fashion discount stores they're still very pricey, and when you're a single mother with two kids going to a private school, a flat, and budding business well yeah... credit cards are scary! A fun read I just could not put this book down and I enjoyed the chapter beginnings with designers and costs and I loved how delightful each character in this book was. I will let you discover Annie and her cast of friends in their world across the pond in England. I only wish we all could have a personal shopper as patient and caring as Annie.  So good luck readers with your shopping season.

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