Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bouquet Toss (Love of my Life #1) Melissa Brown

Happy American Turkey Day all, I'm taking a break from the Turkey, Pies, Casseroles, and other tasty foods to write this review. (I'm hosting again 4th year yum!) This book was well... I am not sure how to feel about this book as a woman who once pretended to not want to catch the bridal bouquet, but secretly wanted to I can relate to this book a bit. The main character Daphne is a good person or as she is called quite a few times "A nice girl", but she is oh so messed up, a guy really did a number on her when she was in college, and I am sure all of us have experienced this once in our life at least...where we have that special someone, or friend, or who we think is our special someone and best bud only to have the relationship be mostly one sided, and only really special to them when it is in their best interest...oh yeah am I speaking from experience here, I could write a book on a few of those relationships, but the important thing is to recognize when this is happening to us and to move on. In Daphne's case she is having quite a bit of trouble with this, and then when she finally does think she can move on, you guessed it Mr. takes her for granted comes into her life once more, at a very awkward time too. This book has some interesting and special moments and is very current time wise to this day and age. This was not exactly an award winning story I had real trouble connecting to Daphne and would rather have read about her friends more... she comes off a tad selfish even though she is a doormat to a certain someone. But, with how much her friends love her you realize she is pretty spiffy, but it is tough to not want to smack some sense itno this girl. Love should be easy and being with your significant other should be like breathing eventually you should feel comfortable with them not always feeling like you're on eggshells and you're going to screw up, not saying let all the mystery and to stop trying in your relationship, but to always feel like they will dump your ass the second they know the real you, well.. that should be a friggen red sign no? Oh well, love is blind no? The book itself was cute, at times just too cute, I mean I love a good romantic comedy, and I love a good romance, but this was like giving me cavities making me a little ill at times cute. Still I enjoyed it and it was a happy tale after you got through all of the crap this poor girl had to go through. An okay read only. But, maybe you would enjoy this more?

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