Monday, November 12, 2012

Beauty and the Feast Written by: Julia Barrett

Delicious! This book started with a giggle and ended with full blown laughter and a smile... Julia Barrett really knew how to create a realistic relationship, her main characters Eva and Gabe though somewhat exceptional themselves really showed how once you have that chemistry, that spark nothing can really stop love. At least that is what I believe. I believe in love at first sight, and I fell in love with my own husband via his words so the way these two came together was very relate able to me. Eva leads a simple life she is in the catering/home care business, but by choice not because she cannot compete with the best of the chefs in the world, the way she talks about food and how much detail the author put into her characters dishes just made me want both food and sex! This was clearly a book for both men and women I say this because if you love well love then this is for you. I am simply smitten by this book it was just cute. Gabe is a man who came from nothing and through some help from a good Father, no really, he's a priest. By having some help and guidance he was able to come into his own and now is able to help others. He is of course gorgeous and a bit of a player, but maybe just maybe all this will change with the lovely, foul mouthed, tough, amazing chef Eva. This book I thought was going to be the typical Romance novel, but it surprised me quite a few times and the sex scenes were so... vivid. A very romantic book, and I just may have to read this again.

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