Tuesday, December 4, 2012

All I want for Christmas is You Written by: Lisa Mondello

Happy December everyone. Tis the season, and like last year I thought let's get this season started right. So, I found a book named after one of my favorite Christmas songs (forgive me) This is a very Hallmark kind of book. This was a very sweet, very cute, very happy book. Kristen Alexander is six years old and cute as a button, but she's never known a big family and loves her mommy so much. When most little kids at age six are asking for puppies, teddy bears, and bicycles Kristen just wants one thing and it's for her mother. Kristen wants a daddy for Christmas for her mom. Well, Santa of course cannot grant such a wish, or can he? Lauren Alexander and her daughter Kristen have been a duo for seven years and she hasn't had a big family since her daughter was born, and honestly it seems Lauren just might be ready to change that after she learns about her daughters wish. This book introduces us to Kyle Preston who of course since this is a happy go lucky Christmas story... perfect even in a tall viking way. He is a great guy and maybe just the thing Lauren needs this Christmas. There's cookie dough, doll houses, sleigh rides, singing, and family so yeah a very sweet tooth kind of book. It is just a nice happy story that makes you feel all good about Christmas time.

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