Friday, December 14, 2012

Silver Bells Written By Sadie Hart

A friend of mine thought this kind of story would be right up my ally, and it sticks to the whole Christmas theme this book reading month. Have any of you watched the Polar Express starring Tom Hanks? Well, if you haven't then there are these bells that fall from Santa's Reindeer's harnesses that it seems only those few special people who truly believe in Santa can hear so mostly children, but overtime the bell with its crisp tinkling sound of happiness vanishes. That is what happens in this story the main character Dash who has a harness of bells that for some reason no longer ring for him. He tends the Merry Go round in a not so nice part of town and this year for some reason he is quite sad the bells will no longer chime for him. It is actually quite sad to read about when Dash obviously find great joy and is somewhat depressed without the joyful sounds the bells made. So he tends to the animals of the Merry Go Round, and then a stranger enters his life and slowly things change just a little at a time. Then when Christmas Eve comes around,  Dash has to leave his new friend for perhaps his last chance to even hold those special bells. This is a story of a different color it is very short, but packs quite a bit of story in these few short pages, and it even made me want to peak behind what was going on to hear more about Dash his world and of course the magic that surrounds him still. So will the bells ring again for him? It is quite a magical twist Sadie Hart has given us.

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