Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Do-Over Written by Kathy Dunnehoff

Well almost the new Year huzzah to another year lived. So, this book The Do over was just tip top kick butt fun! I mean there are a lot of serious moments, but the book starts with a suburban mom Jane Mulligan she's been middle of the road do not rock the boat lady her whole life. Her college years were spent giving campus tours in her schools sweatshirt and she met her husband at a Dorm Ice cream party... well she has a half hour one night just one half of an hour to take a bubble bath then she has so much to do and has to go back to her hectic schedule. Well, turns out she is out of her Abundance bubble bath! And of course the sane thing to do is run to the store, but the store doesn't carry it so now what is she to do? Jane then gets the idea from the store clerk to go to where the Bubble bath is made Vancouver Canada, she lives in Seattle Washington.  Well a few bags of junk food and many miles later Jane arrives outside of the store/factory that sells/makes her bubble bath. She is taken in by a welcome of people both ladies and men and her life begins to change big time. This book was very much about being able to be many things and still be you and that maybe erotica reading was a form of self help in itself, and that maybe sitting just to sit is a good thing and hell having cleavage while reading could be down right giddy inducing. Jane also becomes her first name Mara and let's Mara out in full swing and admits that Mara would never buy in two's or bulk that life was more than just warehouse shopping and keeping the facial tissues stocked.  The book also gives us pearls of wisdom that you will just have to discover for yourselves as I simply cannot give away what took me days to read and digest. It is important to live life to do what you want and not become pigeon holed is what I learned from this book, and to perhaps have some great friends, chocolate, and martini's on stand by oh and lots of music and dancing!  Truth be told this past summer I was beginning to feel this way and I am not an approaching mid life suburban mom! Just sometimes life can trap you, and you have to realize you can always change things right? Well Mara has 30 days her son is away with her in-laws and she has the summer off now if only she can survive the choices and changes she is trying to make and will her marriage survive such drastic changes? Her husband Dan is an interesting character too and someone I was not sure I could root for but again felt compelled to because well 15 years of marriage is a lot to just toss aside for a soap maker albeit a gorgeous soap maker but still... again this book empowers women and shows a very silly and serious approach at life, and will make you think do I need a do over? The cast of characters in this book too are just so amazing and you will fall in love with them all from the young 19 year old to the great grandmother aged ones. Loved this book and Kathy Dunnehoff's writing was just easy to read and get completely absorbed into her story. Seriously so much I want to share about this book as it was just fun and so enticing of a read... I'm tempted to go out and buy a bottle of bubble bath now too...

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