Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cupid's Christmas Written by: Bette le Crosby

"Watching humans fall in love is the best part of this job. What begins as a wild and passionate tango evolves into a waltz, with two bodies bending and moving together, whirling across the potholed landscape of life. After years of trial and error the waltz becomes a slow fox trot with smaller evenly matches steps and when one partner grows weary, they learn on their mate knowing they will be carried. The last dance may not be as exciting as thee first, but I can assure you there's true beauty in every step." That would be cupid talking... Love, and Christmas, can you think of a more magical time? Well, yes I'm sure we all have our special moments, but I love the winter holiday that predates Christianity and manages to still bring people together. Then throw in love and well I'm a happy girl... of course it could also be the smells of food, pine, and the twinkling of lights and shiny presents... ok sorry folks, but I'm trying to stay happy this month a lot has happened in my life this year, and I've decided December is the month to try and be happier... so happy books should be an ok investment I think. This Cupid's Christmas was just so cheeky! I absolutely adored it. Cupid is the narrator of this tale and let me tell you the Angel of love needs some serious props for what us people put him through. In this particular tale we meet Lindsay Gray, she is young but out of college and living in NYC, and looks for love in all the wrong places. Cupid has been trying for years to find her love match, but the girl just won't cooperate. This is where Cupid takes up an old case Lindsay's father John and his old flame Eleanor they were really into one another back in High school, but fate had other plans, and now here they are and love does conquer all doesn't it? Well, not if Lindsay has anything to say about it, due to a few life changing events Lindsay it seems has to move home and she believes she needs to take care of her poor, elderly, lonely father... the girl is just delusional in the beginning and I honestly cannot stand her in the beginning of the book, but Cupid sets me straight as time goes on. This story was so much fun and even had a few tears fall from my eyes a few times. Cupid has some wonderful statements and describes love so well lovely...he's also got Sass when it comes to us humans. "The problem with humans is they're in love with love. Even worse, they're determined to find it themselves." But, Cupid also loves love, even if the life management departments sometimes ruins even his best of plans. This was a really great read for Christmas time the book just brought a little sparkle to my day and had just so much Sass I loved it!

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